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8 March 2015

Mother's Day D.I.Y Cupcakes

So Mother's Day is coming up next Sunday, and I thought I would get my creative side out and have a go at some D.I.Y cupcakes. Well when I say D.I.Y I did have a little help from a certain cake box mixture...well, we're not all Mary Berry sadly.

So here's what I used

- Vanilla cupcake box mixture (Asda)
- 1 Egg
- 5 Tbsp of cold milk
- Haribo sweeties
- Decorative sprinkles.

1. Following the box instructions, mix together the dry ingredients from the packet with 1 egg and 5tbsp of cold milk.

2. Fill the cupcake cases halfway and pop a haribo heart in the middle. (I kind of wanted the hearts to stay whole but they actually melt into the cake making it all nice and gooey inside!)

3. Fill the rest of the cupcake cases up with the rest of the mixture.

4. Bake for 10-15 minutes. Sadly I may have left mine in a few minutes too long as there slightly more brown than golden! Decorate however you want, I chose a pink and yellow theme with these little sugar butterflies and pink wafers (all from Asda). I decided to use both icing and cream, just to make them that bit more decadent and delicious.

I boxed mine up in these pretty cake boxes from Home Bargains, they were less than £1.00 for 4 boxes, which I think is a bargain. There we have it, some very gooey and sweet treats for Mother's Day!

A little tip I do have (we all learn from experience!) is to pop the decorated cupcakes in the fridge for a while to set them, I left mine in the box for just a few minutes and the icing and cream started to melt rapidly haha.

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