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28 March 2015

Top Three Soap & Glory Products

Soap & Glory

I am a huge Soap and Glory fan, every Christmas I ask for their big set so the products last me most of the year! Now I love all of the products I've tried but there are three that I always go back to time and time again; Hand Food, Scrub of Your Life & Heel Genius.

These three products are my all time favourites from the Soap & Glory range, and if I only could buy three these are what I would choose.

Soap & Glory

1. Hand food is so good for winter, when your hands are constantly weathered and cold, I love nothing more than to slather on a nice thick hand cream to rejuvenate them, my other half has borrowed some of my Hand Food before as his hands suffer particularly badly during the winter. It's a lovely thick hydrating formula and smells lovely too.

2. In a similar fashion is Heel Genius, perfect for pampering your tootsies. I work in retail so I'm stood up for the best part of my day, therefore I like to give my feet a treat for carrying me about! (in other words I get the Mr to massage them hehe). Like Hand Food the cream is thick and nourishing and doesn't carry the same foot cream smell that you find in other brands, which I like.

3. Finally there's Scrub of Your Life, I'm a bit of a fake tan fanatic - especially in summer, and when my tan starts to fade I love to use this scrub to try and get rid of it quickly and smoothly. Its a gritty sugar scrub that isn't too harsh on the skin. You don't end up feeling like you've been scrubbed by a cheese grater! Also the formula is very nourishing and doesn't leave your skin feeling dry at all.

I've also raved about the Soap & Glory Mascara before if you fancied a read of one of my older blog posts! Hence the difference in my photography- I'm learning slowly.

What Soap & Glory Products do you love?

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