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14 April 2015

10 Blogging Blunders

Writing blog posts is something I love doing, but sometimes they can go very wrong. I have had some right blunders in the year and a bit I've been writing and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share them with you all!

1# So you've got a brilliant baking idea, everything's set up ready, the cameras in place and then- the cakes collapsed and the icings curdled. Fail.

2# Spending hours choosing your outfit & perfecting your make-up, as soon as you step outside? Rain & gale force winds. Thanks mother nature.

3# Digging into your delicious dessert before realising you've not even photographed it. How will anyone know how good it was now?!

4# Not being able to take any decent photos in winter.

5# Getting so excited over a new lipstick everyone is talking about only to realise it just doesn't suit you. Whyyyyyy.

6# Getting your mum/brother/partner/cat to take endless outfit photos, all look fine on the camera but as soon as you upload them? They transform into something terrible. What was I thinking!? That brooding mysterious look does not translate on camera. It could be mistaken for constipation.

7# Mass photo taking only to never getting round to actually writing the posts. Where does time go?

8# Going to try out a new restaurant and forgetting your camera. I can feel my heart-breaking.

9# Perfecting your post, putting the last finishing touches to it when.. the internet crashes. All is lost.

10# Keeping one space in your room perfectly tidy for photo taking, the rest looks like something off of the hoarder next door.

So there are some of my blogging blunders, please tell me I'm not alone! What have your biggest blunders been? Share them in the comments below!

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