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1 April 2015

10 Perks of Being in a Longterm Relationship

There's positives and negatives to all 'Statuses', I've been in a relationship for nearly 7 years now and it's funny to look back on how we were when we first got together and how we are now 7 years down the line.

Sometimes we lie in bed and laugh about some of the things we used to do and how awkward we were, I was so shy around his family that I would never go into their living room! I would always linger around in the hallway out of sight, fair to say I'm much more sociable now and get on really well with his mum (my soon to be Mother-in-Law!)

I thought I would share some of the things we think are the perks of being in a long term relationship- just for fun of course! Every relationship is different but here's our take on it.

1. Not Having to wear make-up. When we first stayed over night together I only took off half of my make-up before we went to sleep and I got up really early in the morning to put it all back on before he woke up! Now I feel comfortable in my skin without my make-up on and I can have a good cleanse before bed. My skin is very happy with this arrangement.

2. No more awkward 'who's paying' dates. This was always awkward, our first date was to the cinema, we were both young so didn't exactly have much money and I was unsure of how much I would need- was I paying for myself?  would he offer to pay? if he does should I say no i'll pay for myself? Aghhh! Dilemmas! Now we tend to split the bill or one time he will pay another I will. There's no more awkward moments- so glad!

3. Not having to keep up with technology.  We wouldn't have a clue how to go with tinder and all these other dating apps, I would get so confused as I'm not the most technological person as it is! haha

4. Having some stability.  Dating has never been my thing, I'm such an awkward person and I can be really shy around people I don't know. I just love having someone there who is only a phone call away, just to text on my dinner break or to cuddle watching TV. The little things are the best.

5. Never having to go anywhere alone. Those events where you don't know anyone who's going, or those where you get told to bring a +1, yep you will always have someone to drag along.

6. You have mastered the art of non-verbal communication. Sometimes all we have to do is give each other a certain look and we know what each other means, I only have to glance at my cup on the table and he passes it me. It's a bit like how I imagine being telepathic would be, knowing each others thoughts without even having to say them.

7. Being comfortable in silence. This kind of follows on from number 6 in the fact that you no longer feel the need to fill a gap, just enjoying each others company is enough - talking or no talking. Nothing is forced, no small talk. Its just comfortable.

8. Planning for the future. There's so many exciting moments you get to share over time, like looking to buy your first home together, wedding planning and even planning to have children. Getting to share memories is one of my personal favourites, I love looking back at the things we've done. It makes me appreciate the things we have to come.

9. Getting to stay in on Friday nights. I don't mind the odd night out for drinks, but in all honesty I love nothing more than putting my PJ's on, ordering a dominoes and cuddling up on the sofa- I know living life on the edge right here!

10. Being able to be your complete self.  We have our moments when we mess around like children, play fight and act daft, we have other moments when we are adults and are making plans for our future. We've shared sadness and joy and we can be completely ourselves, all of the time.

Just a few of the many things we regard as a perk in our relationship, is there anything you would add yourself?

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