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30 April 2015

Home Decor Haul


So I'm back with another home décor haul! I have a penchant for little home pieces, and just can't resist picking things up here and there. Do not let me loose in Ikea alone.

In my last Home Décor Post I picked up a lot of glassware.  I still have the same theme in mind - a modern take on shabby chic, so you may notice that theme present itself through some of the items I have been buying!

Mantle Clock- Poundstretcher
Glass Candle Holders- Home Bargains
Pot & Fake Plant - Ikea

I have been after a beautiful mantle piece clock for a while now, but none that I've seen fit the bill. Until I came across this stunning one in Poundstretcher! it has a lovely rustic feel to it, yet the design is very modern and classy. I purchased the two glass candle stick holders next to it from Home Bargains and plan to put them on the mantle piece too. The pot and fake plant are from ikea, and if you follow me on Instagram then you know I'm an avid buyer of real flowers, however, sometimes I feel like good quality faux flowers are just as good, and last forever! That's why I decided to pick up these two from Ikea, to add a bit of colour to the theme.

Aldi Flowers

Speaking of real flowers, my favourite place to buy them is actually Aldi! These were only £2.00 for the bunch and they last really well. The tall glass vase that they're in is from Home Bargains again.

 Mug- Wilkinson's

Another addiction I have is mugs. I love buying pretty, quirky and fun mugs! If you read my last home décor post you would have seen that I'd bought a mug then, so that means the collection is still growing rapidly- from chic glass ones to funny slogan ones, I can't get enough of them. This little cute cream pot mug with gold trimming is from Wilkinson's.

Cream Heart Mirror- Home Bargains
'Love, Laughter & Happily ever after' plaque- Poundstretcher
'Wash, brush, floss & flush'' arrow- Poundstretcher 

The final pieces are all 'finishing touches' the wooden 'love, laughter & happily ever after' plaque is from PoundStretcher and when we first move in it will likely be placed in either our bedroom or my dressing room. However, we are planning to marry next year and I hope to incorporate it into a montage piece to celebrate our day.

The cute cream hanging heart mirror is from Home Bargains and again this will probably live in my dressing room as my other half isn't mad on hearts! The little hanging ''wash, brush, floss & flush'' arrow is too cute and I can't wait to find it a home in our future bathroom, again this was from Poundstretcher! They have some really cute bits and bobs in at the minute!

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