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26 April 2015

Take a Walk With Me

So yesterday me and the other half decided to go for a little walk around our local park and just spend a bit of quality time together away from technology. It was lovely to get out in the open, have a good chat and pop in and out of some cute little tea rooms.

I love the cute tea cups and pots the Tea was served in and the cake was sooo good! The tea shops are shabby chic and pretty, even the signs outside were nice!

We spent a while eating and sipping on our teas before setting off again, we spent a few hours walking around the park and saw lots of feathered friends.

I just had to stop for a while to admire the view.

It was such a lovely day to get out and about, I can't help but think sometimes we can get a bit caught up in our own lives that you forget to spend time with the people you love. I mean proper time too - no laptops, tv etc! We have made a pact to do it more often and I can't wait.

How did you spend your Saturday?

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