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31 May 2015

Make-Up Revolution 'Sugar & Spice' Blush Palette Review

I recently popped into Superdrug looking for my usual essentials; dry shampoo, collection concealer etc. When I stumbled upon the make-up revolution counter. This blush palette and their Vivid baked highlighter really caught my eye!
Now I'm not really a blush person, I'm more of a lipstick and eye shadow kinda gal. However, there was just something so stunning about this palette that I couldn't leave the shop without it. I convinced myself by saying that it would be a good holiday purchase as I can create so many looks with it. Tactical you see!

The palette consists of 8 pink toned powder blushes. I am really impressed with the colour pay off of these blushes, you only need to dab your brush lightly on the product to get enough colour for your cheeks.

The first two shades are very light mauve browns, these are perfect to add a little bit of definition to the cheek, but for someone with pale skin I wouldn't wear them on my cheeks as a blush. The second two shades are seriously pretty with a bright lipstick pink and a silver toned baby pink highlight.

Although I love all the shades in the palette, the bottom row is definitely my favourite.

The first and third shades are my favourites of the eight, the first is a pink coral and the third is more of an orange toned coral. Both compliment my skin tone beautifully and give me a lovely fresh summer glow, a perfect pick me up during this drab weather! The last blush is another shimmery highlight, which I'm yet to build up the courage to try out as I'm worried it might be too harsh for my pale complexion!

If your make-up collection is lacking variety in the blush department I would highly recommend picking up one of these palettes, they are so easy to store and cost significantly less than buying multiple single blushers. At just £6.00 it means you are paying just 75p per blush! A bargain in my eyes, and definitely something that drew me to the product in the first place- besides the stunning colours! Make-Up Revolution have more palettes in their range including some bronze toned ones and a cream blush one which I really want to get my hands on! On my next shopping trip I may just have to have a look at it.

Overall I'm really pleased with this product and will definitely be packing it in my holiday make-up bag, I will definitely keep an eye on make-up revolution to see if there are any other products I like the look of.

What make-up revolution products would you recommend?


26 May 2015

Sleeveless Blazer & Stripes

I've been loving the recent trend of sleeveless trenches and blazers, they are the perfect transitional jackets for Spring. A bit of light layering, over polo neck tops if it's on the cooler side or cropped tops in the heat.

I think they give an outfit an extra bit of Oomph!

Another trend I love are stripes, I paired my sleeveless blazer with this striped, box fit crop tee. It creates a tailored casual vibe. I wanted it to be a relaxed look but still keeping an on trend theme.

Sleevless blazer, crop tee & Jeans - Select Fashion
Boots- Primark
Watch- Michael Kors
Necklace- Primark
Lipstick- Ruby Woo (Mac)

To finish the outfit I have chosen some acid wash high waist jeans and a tassel bag to give a bit of a 70's theme. I really love this bag for day wear as its easy to pop in my essentials (phone, money, make-up).

Does anyone else find outfit photos so difficult to take? I must have taken over 30 photos to get just these 4! I swear these other fashion bloggers make it look effortlessly easy, its really not!

Do you have any tricks to taking outfit pictures?

23 May 2015

We Went: Chatsworth Gardens

We've been trying to make the most of the dry British Weather lately, and in doing this have made a pact to try and visit more places local to where we live. Last Bank Holiday Weekend we visited Elvaston Castle ....

Which was so much fun, this Bank Holiday weekend we thought we'd do more of the same!

We decided upon Chatsworth as it's such a beautiful estate with some of the most glorious gardens around. We packed up our picnic and hopped off in the car.

It only took us about 40 minutes before we reached the rolling green countryside. I dream one day to live in a beautiful cottage, with a big farmhouse kitchen, surrounded by long winding lanes. Ahh the dream. I would bake cakes and go for long walks. Enough of that though, let's get back on topic! We finally reached our destination and we were not disappointed.
You can't be anything but impressed by the impeccably manicured gardens, you can walk around for miles admiring all the different flowers and sculptures.
We took each others hand, and off we pottled. It was so nice to be out of the house and in the fresh air. It was quite busy with families spread out enjoying picnics on the grass or playing garden games like cricket. Looks like we all had the same idea! We perched on the edge of a maze to enjoy our picnic. Munching on Strawberries and watching the people go by, we chatted away.
We explored the different gardens, and then made our way to the café for a nice hot beverage! I was so tempted by the Champagne bus! It was like an old fashioned ice cream van but it served all different champagne! However, in typical English style the weather had turned a little chilly and opted for a hot chocolate instead!
What Are You Up To This Bank Holiday Weekend?

18 May 2015

The Confessions Of A Young 20-Something.

As I've gotten older, I have realised that there are so many little frustrations that come with being a 'young adult'. Yes you're still young but your now also responsible. That 13 year old who could get away with anything? She's gone. I thought I would confess to you some of the frustrations I've faced as a young 20 something and see if any of you agree!

1. The long standing internal frustration of both being annoyed when asked for I.D 'What do I look 12 to you?!' and the utter sadness when you don't get asked for I.D 'I must look old now, better invest in some better skin care''.

2. The young social you wants to go out and have fun, but now we have to think about money and saving.

3. Mind you saying that, my kind of social is a relaxed chat at the pub with 1 or 2 drinks. I'm far too tired to stay up late.

4. Trying to decide what to do with your life for the next 10 years. Do I want to travel the world or settle down and buy a house. Can't I just have both? No I'm too poor for that.

5. The harsh reality that is paying for bills, food and all other necessities. I just want to buy MAC Make-up and endless amounts of clothes. Budget? what budget?

6. No longer being able to keep up with new trends. Bae? what is this? Tinder? No clue. You've lost me. Maybe I should look it up on google to keep up with the times. Now I do sound old.

7. Having to eat responsibly. You are solely in charge of your diet now. No home cooked meals every night after you get in from school.

8. The pace at which life changes. Everything seems to have jumped from one minute being youngsters worrying about who to sit next to in class, to everyone now has their own children! The moments between seem to have accelerated. Before you know it Monday has reared it's ugly head again. Come back weekend, Come back making scoobies on the school field and desperately trying to get your alien to have babies.

9. All that time you spent wishing you weren't at school? Prepare yourself, you'll soon wish you were back there. Exams were hard, but not having a 6 week summer is harder.

10. No longer needing to be told to go to bed, your already there, probably have been for hours.

So there are my confessions of the frustrations we 20-somethings face! Of course being in your twenties isn't all that bad!- you will probably have some of your best memories made here.

Tell me your confessions about being a 20-something.


16 May 2015

Sneaky Boots Haul


On a recent girls day out we popped into boots, I had no intention of buying anything. However, after browsing the aisles there were a fair few things that caught my eye and I just had to make a couple of sneaky purchases! (I'm supposed to be saving!)


My first port of call was the No7 counter, the product of choice was the 'Beautifully Matte Make-Up Primer' I really loved the sound of this as I'm someone who suffers with fairly oily skin. I've always looked out for a mattifying cream but none ever took my fancy, this one however also promises improvement with blemishes. I was sold instantly. So how did I end up buying three No7 products you say when only one initially caught my eye? The '3 for 2' sign got me again. I really liked the look of this mascara, in a brown black shade, I thought it would be good for summer days and wouldn't transfer under my eye like my other mascara does. Finally I picked up the lipstick in the shade 'Blushing Rose' as I'm just a lipstick hoarder who can't resist a good pop of pink. Whoops!

Barry M

It didn't stop there, oh no. With the recent release of Barry M's new summer collection of  UV nail polishes I decided to pick up one for myself in a lovely nude shade, ironically named 'Like a nude'. Again, I was lured into another purchase through some tactical advertising of 'buy one get one half price' and picked up this lovely coral pink in the shade 'Passion Fruit'. They can see me coming a mile off with clever advertising!


My final purchase was this Eyelure brow pencil in the shade No30 Blonde. I picked this up because I really love MAC's brow pencil in 'Fling'. However, the price tag pulls at my heart (and purse) strings every time I need a new one. With all the saving I'm doing at the minute (Holiday, house and wedding!!) I wanted a more affordable alternative. This is when I stumbled across this little wonder. It even comes with a  brush to tame the brows after pencilling.

So there are my sneaky beauty purchases! It's only 5 weeks until I go on holiday so expect to see a few related posts in the near future! I can't wait.

Have you made any beauty purchases recently?

12 May 2015

Make-Up Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter Review

On a recent shopping trip I popped into Superdrug for a 'browse' - that's what I told myself. However, I ended up making a few cheeky purchases too. I really wanted to pick up a powder highlighter. I love my Mac cream highlighter in Luna but sometimes when my skin is playing havoc in the oil department it can make me look more greasy than luminous. Not an attractive look. Hence the reason for looking for a powder instead, I wanted an ethereal glow not a gooey look.

This Make-Up Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in 'Peach Lights' caught my eye and I decided that with my complexion it would be the perfect match. I'm fairly cool toned and although it has a peachy look to it the undertone is bluish which suits me. Mac Luna is a white/silver highlight which again if you have cool toned skin is very complimentary.

Make-Up Revolution Highlighter

What I like most about this powder highlighter is the fact it isn't really 'glittery' a lot of powder highlighters can contain large glitter-like particles than can leave you looking a little bit disco-ball-esque. This highlighter however is much finer and leaves more of a subtle sheen to the skin. I like to apply it to the tops of my cheekbones and under the arch of my brows to give my skin a nice healthy looking glow to it.

I have tried to take a photo of myself actually wearing the highlighter. However, I don't know about you other beauty bloggers but I really struggle to take photos of myself with my actual big camera. I have tried using a mirror and everything but the angle is always so awkward and in the end I resorted to using my front facing phone camera. This means the quality is no where near how I would like it to be but it's the only way I can manage to get a semi decent photo of my face! If any of you other bloggers have a camera without a flip screen please share how you take your make-up photos!

Camera quality aside I think you can still get the effect of the glow the Vivid Baked Highlighter gives, it just perks up my whole face and even when I have less sleep than I would ideally like I can look fresh and ready to face the day. I am very impressed with the quality and pay off of the product and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality powder highlighter at a reasonable price.

You can pick up this highlighter from most Superdrug stores at the Make-Up Revolution stand.

Overall, I am really impressed with this highlighter, it applies well, gives a subtle glow to the skin and is reasonably priced. Win win in my eyes.

I have another Make-Up revolution purchase up for review soon in the form of a blusher palette, I want to have a bit more of a play around with it yet but keep your eyes peeled for that post!

Which do you prefer, a cream highlighter or powder?

6 May 2015

Day Trip To Elvaston Castle

So Bank Holiday Monday has been and gone, it flew by in the blink of an eye, and not one to waste a day off work we decided to venture out and make the most of the weather.

We decided we wanted to go somewhere outdoorsy and where we haven't been before, after a bit of deliberation we decided upon Elvaston Castle and Nature Reserve. We packed up our picnic, put on our walking shoes and set off for the day hand in hand.

It was easy to find but parking was a bit different, there were a lot of people like us who had the same idea! There were dogs, bikes and children everywhere. Gathering in their masses to enjoy the sneaky bit of sunshine we had been blessed with. That's what we have to do here in the UK if there is a hint of sun, enjoy it. For it never seems to last long!

With a map in hand we set off to explore.

We meandered through the nature reserve and saw lots of wildlife going about their day in the warm glow of the sun. Bees were buzzing, birds were singing and I couldn't help but feel very content. Spending time with my family and my Fiance is extremely important to me and I mean quality time, away from technology and our busy lives. Just to take a step back and enjoy each others company is something I have definitely been making more time for lately.

We strolled around at a leisurely pace chatting away before arriving back at the castle to stop for a few refreshments and tuck into our picnic.

After eating our fill we carried on walking for a while around the lake to work off some of the food.

 What better way to finish off a good day than with an ice cream! What holiday diet?! I opted for the Magnum chocolate and caramel, and boy was it a good choice!

All in all it was an amazing day out and makes me look forward to our next adventure together.

How did you spend bank holiday Monday?

4 May 2015

April In Review

I can't believe I am writing this already! I know I say it every month (and it's still so true) but where is time going? May already? I am not prepared for this speed ha ha.

I sat down in March and told myself that I must be more productive with my spare time, I get 2 days off a week and, in all honesty, sometimes I'm that tired I could sleep all day! However, I decided that no matter how tired I feel, I should make the most of my spare time and pack it with fun or productive things, which is exactly what I did. I have been for lots of walks, meals and even a night out on the town!

I'm still having my driving lessons and things are coming along slowly, I have done nearly all my manoeuvres now, just bay parking to go. My motivation is that I want to be able to drive to nice places on my days off, like York, Bath etc. They are expensive train journeys otherwise, so it gives me that extra dose of motivation to keep on top of my driving.

I have really gotten into watching T.V lately, especially on Monday Nights, Made in Chelsea & Game of Thrones are the best! However, I also want to get into reading more, but I'm stuck for books. If any of you have any good book recommendations then please send them my way!

I'm not going to lie, April was a pretty indulgent month. I have been picking up bits and pieces for my Spring/Summer wardrobe. I am trying really hard to create the perfect capsule wardrobe instead of just buying lots of things that can't be mixed and matched. At the minute, I have a love of patterned trousers. I think they are the perfect alternative to jeans when the weather is slightly warmer, but not warm enough to wear shorts/skirts. I've also picked up a few new make-up bits and accessories, including a gorgeous Kurt Geiger bag. I like to think of it as an investment piece.

I've really gotten into instagram this month and have posted a lot! You can follow me here.
1. New make-up Purchases
2. I've been trying hard to make better food choices
3. SS15 capsule wardrobe pieces
4. New Kurt Geiger Bag
5. Spring Make-up
6. Home décor purchases
7. Lovely spring walks
8. MAC lipstick collection (so far!)
9. Dinner Date outfit
How did you spend your April?

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