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6 May 2015

Day Trip To Elvaston Castle

So Bank Holiday Monday has been and gone, it flew by in the blink of an eye, and not one to waste a day off work we decided to venture out and make the most of the weather.

We decided we wanted to go somewhere outdoorsy and where we haven't been before, after a bit of deliberation we decided upon Elvaston Castle and Nature Reserve. We packed up our picnic, put on our walking shoes and set off for the day hand in hand.

It was easy to find but parking was a bit different, there were a lot of people like us who had the same idea! There were dogs, bikes and children everywhere. Gathering in their masses to enjoy the sneaky bit of sunshine we had been blessed with. That's what we have to do here in the UK if there is a hint of sun, enjoy it. For it never seems to last long!

With a map in hand we set off to explore.

We meandered through the nature reserve and saw lots of wildlife going about their day in the warm glow of the sun. Bees were buzzing, birds were singing and I couldn't help but feel very content. Spending time with my family and my Fiance is extremely important to me and I mean quality time, away from technology and our busy lives. Just to take a step back and enjoy each others company is something I have definitely been making more time for lately.

We strolled around at a leisurely pace chatting away before arriving back at the castle to stop for a few refreshments and tuck into our picnic.

After eating our fill we carried on walking for a while around the lake to work off some of the food.

 What better way to finish off a good day than with an ice cream! What holiday diet?! I opted for the Magnum chocolate and caramel, and boy was it a good choice!

All in all it was an amazing day out and makes me look forward to our next adventure together.

How did you spend bank holiday Monday?

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