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16 May 2015

Sneaky Boots Haul


On a recent girls day out we popped into boots, I had no intention of buying anything. However, after browsing the aisles there were a fair few things that caught my eye and I just had to make a couple of sneaky purchases! (I'm supposed to be saving!)


My first port of call was the No7 counter, the product of choice was the 'Beautifully Matte Make-Up Primer' I really loved the sound of this as I'm someone who suffers with fairly oily skin. I've always looked out for a mattifying cream but none ever took my fancy, this one however also promises improvement with blemishes. I was sold instantly. So how did I end up buying three No7 products you say when only one initially caught my eye? The '3 for 2' sign got me again. I really liked the look of this mascara, in a brown black shade, I thought it would be good for summer days and wouldn't transfer under my eye like my other mascara does. Finally I picked up the lipstick in the shade 'Blushing Rose' as I'm just a lipstick hoarder who can't resist a good pop of pink. Whoops!

Barry M

It didn't stop there, oh no. With the recent release of Barry M's new summer collection of  UV nail polishes I decided to pick up one for myself in a lovely nude shade, ironically named 'Like a nude'. Again, I was lured into another purchase through some tactical advertising of 'buy one get one half price' and picked up this lovely coral pink in the shade 'Passion Fruit'. They can see me coming a mile off with clever advertising!


My final purchase was this Eyelure brow pencil in the shade No30 Blonde. I picked this up because I really love MAC's brow pencil in 'Fling'. However, the price tag pulls at my heart (and purse) strings every time I need a new one. With all the saving I'm doing at the minute (Holiday, house and wedding!!) I wanted a more affordable alternative. This is when I stumbled across this little wonder. It even comes with a  brush to tame the brows after pencilling.

So there are my sneaky beauty purchases! It's only 5 weeks until I go on holiday so expect to see a few related posts in the near future! I can't wait.

Have you made any beauty purchases recently?

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