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18 May 2015

The Confessions Of A Young 20-Something.

As I've gotten older, I have realised that there are so many little frustrations that come with being a 'young adult'. Yes you're still young but your now also responsible. That 13 year old who could get away with anything? She's gone. I thought I would confess to you some of the frustrations I've faced as a young 20 something and see if any of you agree!

1. The long standing internal frustration of both being annoyed when asked for I.D 'What do I look 12 to you?!' and the utter sadness when you don't get asked for I.D 'I must look old now, better invest in some better skin care''.

2. The young social you wants to go out and have fun, but now we have to think about money and saving.

3. Mind you saying that, my kind of social is a relaxed chat at the pub with 1 or 2 drinks. I'm far too tired to stay up late.

4. Trying to decide what to do with your life for the next 10 years. Do I want to travel the world or settle down and buy a house. Can't I just have both? No I'm too poor for that.

5. The harsh reality that is paying for bills, food and all other necessities. I just want to buy MAC Make-up and endless amounts of clothes. Budget? what budget?

6. No longer being able to keep up with new trends. Bae? what is this? Tinder? No clue. You've lost me. Maybe I should look it up on google to keep up with the times. Now I do sound old.

7. Having to eat responsibly. You are solely in charge of your diet now. No home cooked meals every night after you get in from school.

8. The pace at which life changes. Everything seems to have jumped from one minute being youngsters worrying about who to sit next to in class, to everyone now has their own children! The moments between seem to have accelerated. Before you know it Monday has reared it's ugly head again. Come back weekend, Come back making scoobies on the school field and desperately trying to get your alien to have babies.

9. All that time you spent wishing you weren't at school? Prepare yourself, you'll soon wish you were back there. Exams were hard, but not having a 6 week summer is harder.

10. No longer needing to be told to go to bed, your already there, probably have been for hours.

So there are my confessions of the frustrations we 20-somethings face! Of course being in your twenties isn't all that bad!- you will probably have some of your best memories made here.

Tell me your confessions about being a 20-something.


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