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12 June 2015

How I Get Bikini Ready

So I'm going away in just 6 days! I cannot wait to get some sun, read a good book and sip cocktails by the pool. Bliss. However, I'm one of those people who doesn't feel confident in swimwear, and to combat this every year I go through a little routine that makes me feel better about myself and more confident in my bikini. I salute you ladies who exude confidence and strut your stuff pool side, and totally wish I could do the same, but alas I am one of those who is a little more self conscious. I thought I would share with you some of the things I do to help me feel 'bikini ready' for any of you ladies who feel the same way I do!

First things first is tanning! I don't really tan, pale skinned, blue eyed and blonde hair means the sun doesn't do much for me, unless you count making me resemble something of a lobster if I'm out too long in it! So I like to opt for faking it instead.

My favourite tan is the St Moriz Mousse in Dark. I have used this tan for years now and it's always been one that I go back to time and time again. It applies beautifully and doesn't leave me streaky which is perfect when my entire body is going to be out in my bikini!

I like to use an exfoliator first a few days in the run up to my holiday, I combine this with good lashings of moisturiser. I love the Vaseline Spray & Go as it dries quickly, but leaves my skin well moisturised. By doing both of these steps it helps make my skin smooth and soft, ready to apply the fake tan. This helps to keep the tan in place for longer, meaning that it's less likely to flake or go patchy.

I always feel so much more confident with fake tan on, I don't really know why. I just think I look a lot more toned when I'm tanned.

Whether you tan naturally or are a fake tan lover like me always make sure you take a good Sun Cream with you. I always ensure that I use a really good SPF, having fair skin means I'm more prone to burning and need a higher SPF to protect my skin. Fake tan alone doesn't have any sun protection in it so you need to make sure you apply some sun cream before you go out in the sun.

Another important step for me is hair removal. It is something I have tried and tested over the past few years.

I have tried hair removal creams, which I find work alright, but they don't always remove all the hair. Then there's waxing which I'm yet to find a way that doesn't leave my skin looking like a red plucked chicken. I could go and have it done professionally, but to be honest I like the privacy of my own home!

Finally there is my fail safe method of simply shaving. Now this method is the most thorough way for me, but the results don't last as long as other methods. Meaning that I take my razor with me on holiday to keep the pesky hair at bay. This doesn't bother me at all but some people may not want the hassle and therefore shaving may not be best for you if you don't want the up keep!

I've been considering getting an epilator in the future and see how that works for me, but for now I will stick to shaving.

A further tip that makes me feel good is finding the right bikini for me, a good cut and fit can do wonders. I prefer underwired bikinis over pure material ones as these give the best support. I also prefer a mid rise bikini bottom to low or high rise ones. Don't be afraid to try a few different styles to find a cut that you love and feel confident in, whether that's a two piece, one piece, tankini or otherwise.

By no means am I saying that in order to feel confident you need to do any of these things,  they are simply my personal preferences that I thought I would share with you.

So go out there and don that bikini with confidence!

Do you have any summer vacation beauty tips?


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