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4 June 2015

May Summary

Another month has gone! Ahh! I say this every month, but time is flying. We are half way through the year, it's practically nearly Christmas. Ok maybe a slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean! Life hasn't changed too much over this past month, still working, still learning to drive, still blogging. My blog is a year and a half old now which is amazing, I always get random ideas to do things but never stick at them until now. So I am very pleased with myself!

I've been getting on with wedding planning and after a few changes the ceremony and reception venues are now all finalised and I will be moving on to the photographer next. So all is going swimmingly in that department. I am  going to be doing a few crafty pieces for the wedding so if anyone wants to see those I will be more than happy to share! I will be starting them soon as like I said above, I often start things and they get abandoned!

My driving lessons are coming on nicely, slow and steady progress. I really hope to be passed by the end of this year, I look forward to having freedom and not relying on everyone for lifts. I owe so many people that when I do finally pass I may as well slap a taxi sign on my car for the next few months as I have some making up to do...haha.

We had a cheeky bank holiday trip to Chatsworth which was lovely, we packed a picnic and spent the day wandering around the gardens. Stopping for a hot chocolate as we went. I've really enjoyed going to different places this summer and hope to keep it up!

Our holiday is fast approaching so a lot of this month has been preparing for that, buying new clothes, planning what we want to do there and the typical 'holiday diet' which hasn't gone to bad to be fair, I've been pretty good! I'm really looking forward to relaxing for a whole week, I've bought as book and plan to get well and truly lost in it, only surfacing to get another cocktail. Bliss.

So let's sum up May in Instagram:

1. I bought this cute travel cup so I can go mobile with my tea addiction!
2. I've used this Make-Up revolution highlighter every day in may
3. Caramel Frappuccino- soo good.
4. New look sale gets me every time
5. An outfit I wore on a sunny evening stroll
6. The book I've picked up to read on holiday
7. My first outfit post in a long time!
8. The tea addiction grows and this is delicious
9. Having a play around with my favourite lipsticks.
So there is my May in summary, hope you've enjoyed a sneaky peak into my month.
What have you been up in May?


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