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9 June 2015

What's In My Travel Toiletries Bag

So I'm going on holiday next Thursday! I have started putting together all my bits and pieces and the packing is under way. I decided to take the time to share with you the things I pack in my; toiletries, make-up and hand luggage.

For part one I thought I would do my toiletries bag, aside from my make-up, it is one of my favourite things to pack. I always see holidays as the perfect time to give yourself a pamper. Cocktail in hand, deep conditioner in my hair, utter bliss.

So let's begin with the face products:

I always take face wipes, I know its a bit of a beauty blogger sin to use face wipes, but I find them so handy for more than just make-up removal. I have also packed a sample size of MeruMaya Melting Cleansing Balm, to remove my make-up fully at night time. Then to replenish my skin after it has been in the sun and water, I have brought along my L'Oreal Triple Active Day Moisturiser which is really good for thirst quenched skin. I may also bring along a face mask, just to give my skin an extra treat.

Body Products:

I love having a variety of body products to hand when I'm away, especially when I have to wear swimwear on a daily basis! I am obsessed with this mango and papaya shower gel it smells amazing. The obsession continues with this Primark body spray with the same scent, I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted it! I liked it so much so I picked it up in Strawberry and Raspberry too. They both smell delicious.

Again, with the swimwear department in mind I picked up this perfecting body cream, to give my skin a luminous glow. I plan to use this mainly along my legs to give them an elongated look, as well as in the evenings on my d├ęcolletage. I'm hoping it works! A review will definitely follow.

Another extremely important part of holiday packing is skin protection. Using a good SPF is vital when you're going away and you expect to be out in the sun a lot. I have both a 50spf and 20spf sun cream. As well as a Vanilla SPF 30 lip balm to protect my lips. The Reese's lip balm was a bit of a novelty treat found in the men's section in Primark, I just love reese's cups and can't wait to use this!

Finally for body products is the necessities; deodorant, moisturiser, razor etc.

Hair Products:

I thought I would leave out the boring stuff such as; shampoo, conditioner and hair spray as these are the basics to pack. Instead I have included my ultimate go to product, dry shampoo, I love this stuff so much! I try not to wash my hair too much at home but especially on holiday when it has been battered by the sun and sea. I like to keep it as nourished as possible. To keep grease at bay I like to use this Batiste dry shampoo.

  Another little product I'm packing is my Blow Dry Lotion that helps give my hair some extra volume, my hair lies quite flat so I like to try and inject a bit of life into it using this.


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