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26 July 2015

What I Got For My Birthday

If you saw my previous post you will know that it was my Birthday recently, I turned 22 and went to Jameson's Tea rooms to celebrate. This post is up a lot later than planned due to a few changes that have happened recently- look out for my July Summary post to see what!

I love writing these types of posts because its nice to look back in a few years time and see what you got for what birthday, also great for thanking people for the lovely things they got you.

My lovely fiancé spoiled me something rotten. I have been lusting after a Roberts Radio for a while now but I just couldn't justify the price tag. When it came to the morning of my Birthday I saw the big box wrapped up nicely in sequinned paper. I tore it apart excitedly to reveal this beauty..

Glinting in its cream and gold glory. I love having the radio on in the background whilst I'm pottering about and I can be found shimmying along to it as I go. My future plan is to have it in our kitchen so I can sing and move along as I cook, or entertain our guests at lavish dinner can dream right?!

I got a fair bit of money for my Birthday this year so after having a lovely afternoon tea in Sheffield we headed over to Meadowhall for a bit of shopping. I popped into Victoria and pictured up a couple of their beautiful body sprays, they smell incredible! A post on these will be up very soon. I also picked up this mug from Urban Outfitters the caption just tickled me as I'm not really a morning person- although in all honesty just lately I haven't had much choice as early mornings are a regular occurrence I probably get up once a week after 9am. Five days a week I'm up at 5:30am. I'm working on becoming one of those up with the sunshine early risers.

My lovely friends treated me to some little home ware items and make-up bits. I love the sleek au-naturel palette, its right up my street with the wide variety of neutral colours.

Another of my friends gave me this beautiful apron, I love baking when I get the chance to and now that I get more weekends off I look forward to getting back in to it again, keep your eyes peeled for some posts!

The last bit of money went on a few cheeky Primark treats, I really love this boho slouchy beaded bag, I wanted a casual weekend bag for when we go on day trips out and this fitted the bill perfectly.

I also picked up another Pandora ring, the pink heart stoned ring matches perfectly with the ring I already have. I love to stack jewellery I think it outfits much more interesting!

So there's my (rather late) What I got for my Birthday post, I hope you enjoyed it! Just a disclaimer to say I'm not in anyway bragging, and that I am very appreciative of everything I have been given this year from my lovely family & friends.


11 July 2015

Jameson's Tea Rooms, Sheffield

So Tuesday marked my 22nd Birthday, yep I totally sang 'I'm feeling twenty twoooo'' that morning. After a lovely morning opening my gifts and putting up my cards we set off on the train to Sheffield for the day. Afternoon Tea and shopping were on the cards, my ideal day.

I had seen Jameson's online and it was right up my street, vintage, elegant and chic. I decided it would be the best place to go for a special treat.

When we arrived it was everything I expected, lace tablecloths, chandeliers, kitsch tea pots and saucers.

We had a look through the menu to decide what we wanted, there were different kinds of afternoon tea on offer ranging from Traditional at £12.95 to Regal at £80 for 2 people. We settled for the Splendid package at £16.95. This package came with a pot of tea of your choice, a posh pop, a selection of sandwiches, scones and a slice of cake.

Our drinks arrived first, for our 'Posh Pops' I chose Cloudy Lemonade and the Mr Chose Dandelion & burdock. For our tea's I went for Peppermint Tea as it is my favourite and he went for a Super Green Tea. We got a tea pot each! The tea pots themselves were works of art, I have added them to my home décor wish list.

Next came our Sandwiches and scones.

No word of a lie, these scones were the best ones I've ever had. They were lovely and not dry at all, I had White chocolate and Raspberry scone with a good dollop of jam and toffee curd on it. Everything was presented beautifully and the customer service was impeccable even though they were busy.

After the sandwiches and scones we were getting full, however, the best was yet to come, the cake! There was so much choice and after what was a very difficult deliberation I chose the Terry's Chocolate Orange cake. Best. Decision. Ever. There were other cakes, ranging from Toffee Apple crumble to a Vodka and Marmalade cake!

We sat and munched our way through these delicious slabs of cake, eagerly chatting away. Once we had finished we left very happy, and very full. All fuelled up ready to do some serious shopping!

I would highly recommended a visit to Jameson's Tea Room as it is such a beautiful place for a bite to eat or a special Afternoon Tea treat. The food is excellent quality and so is the service. What more could you ask for.

Where do you like to go for afternoon tea?


5 July 2015

Life Lately, June

Another month, and almost a week into July! Hold the clocks, stop what you're doing. We are half way through the year. I have failed majorly in the blogging department this June, I'm not going to lie, it was mainly because I was so looking forward to going away for the week. Everything became holiday related, I was in holiday mode weeks before I even went away. However, despite this my goal this month is to pick back up as I have quite a few posts in the pipe line, stay tuned!

Anyway let's have a cheeky look at what I did this June, or in other words, my holiday!

1. A cake with a Panda on it? Sold.
2. Beach Bag Essentials
3. Hot Tub Relaxing
4. Been getting on with some wedding preparations
5. Favourite Holiday Outfit Ever
6. Holiday's do wonder for my skin.
7. Fresh Hair.
8. Best Summer Scent
9. Beach and Ice Cream? Take me Back.
The Month
I had a fantastic holiday and it was a much needed break for me and my other half to spend some quality time together. We went on a few nice trips, including a boat trip which was choppy to say the least!
Life In General
The driving lessons continue, I really am aiming to pass by the end of this year - all fingers crossed.
The wedding planning also continues, We should soon have a photographer and I have found a place where I might have my hair and make-up done. Everything's moving along nicely.
We are still in the process of house hunting and I have some major changes coming up soon which I will share at a later date, so in a nutshell July is set to be an interesting and busy month. It's also my Birthday in two days!
Beauty & Fashion
I have been loving MAC's 'Girl About Town' it's the perfect summer pink. I've also been loving a good highlight Both MAC's Luna and Make-Up Revolutions Vivid Baked Highlighter are perfect for giving that summer glow.
In the fashion department I have been loving Khaki, Jacket's, trousers, you name it I've probably bought it. It's my new staple colour, aside from my never ending love of monochrome.
What did you get up to this June?

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