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5 July 2015

Life Lately, June

Another month, and almost a week into July! Hold the clocks, stop what you're doing. We are half way through the year. I have failed majorly in the blogging department this June, I'm not going to lie, it was mainly because I was so looking forward to going away for the week. Everything became holiday related, I was in holiday mode weeks before I even went away. However, despite this my goal this month is to pick back up as I have quite a few posts in the pipe line, stay tuned!

Anyway let's have a cheeky look at what I did this June, or in other words, my holiday!

1. A cake with a Panda on it? Sold.
2. Beach Bag Essentials
3. Hot Tub Relaxing
4. Been getting on with some wedding preparations
5. Favourite Holiday Outfit Ever
6. Holiday's do wonder for my skin.
7. Fresh Hair.
8. Best Summer Scent
9. Beach and Ice Cream? Take me Back.
The Month
I had a fantastic holiday and it was a much needed break for me and my other half to spend some quality time together. We went on a few nice trips, including a boat trip which was choppy to say the least!
Life In General
The driving lessons continue, I really am aiming to pass by the end of this year - all fingers crossed.
The wedding planning also continues, We should soon have a photographer and I have found a place where I might have my hair and make-up done. Everything's moving along nicely.
We are still in the process of house hunting and I have some major changes coming up soon which I will share at a later date, so in a nutshell July is set to be an interesting and busy month. It's also my Birthday in two days!
Beauty & Fashion
I have been loving MAC's 'Girl About Town' it's the perfect summer pink. I've also been loving a good highlight Both MAC's Luna and Make-Up Revolutions Vivid Baked Highlighter are perfect for giving that summer glow.
In the fashion department I have been loving Khaki, Jacket's, trousers, you name it I've probably bought it. It's my new staple colour, aside from my never ending love of monochrome.
What did you get up to this June?


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