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26 July 2015

What I Got For My Birthday

If you saw my previous post you will know that it was my Birthday recently, I turned 22 and went to Jameson's Tea rooms to celebrate. This post is up a lot later than planned due to a few changes that have happened recently- look out for my July Summary post to see what!

I love writing these types of posts because its nice to look back in a few years time and see what you got for what birthday, also great for thanking people for the lovely things they got you.

My lovely fiancĂ© spoiled me something rotten. I have been lusting after a Roberts Radio for a while now but I just couldn't justify the price tag. When it came to the morning of my Birthday I saw the big box wrapped up nicely in sequinned paper. I tore it apart excitedly to reveal this beauty..

Glinting in its cream and gold glory. I love having the radio on in the background whilst I'm pottering about and I can be found shimmying along to it as I go. My future plan is to have it in our kitchen so I can sing and move along as I cook, or entertain our guests at lavish dinner can dream right?!

I got a fair bit of money for my Birthday this year so after having a lovely afternoon tea in Sheffield we headed over to Meadowhall for a bit of shopping. I popped into Victoria and pictured up a couple of their beautiful body sprays, they smell incredible! A post on these will be up very soon. I also picked up this mug from Urban Outfitters the caption just tickled me as I'm not really a morning person- although in all honesty just lately I haven't had much choice as early mornings are a regular occurrence I probably get up once a week after 9am. Five days a week I'm up at 5:30am. I'm working on becoming one of those up with the sunshine early risers.

My lovely friends treated me to some little home ware items and make-up bits. I love the sleek au-naturel palette, its right up my street with the wide variety of neutral colours.

Another of my friends gave me this beautiful apron, I love baking when I get the chance to and now that I get more weekends off I look forward to getting back in to it again, keep your eyes peeled for some posts!

The last bit of money went on a few cheeky Primark treats, I really love this boho slouchy beaded bag, I wanted a casual weekend bag for when we go on day trips out and this fitted the bill perfectly.

I also picked up another Pandora ring, the pink heart stoned ring matches perfectly with the ring I already have. I love to stack jewellery I think it outfits much more interesting!

So there's my (rather late) What I got for my Birthday post, I hope you enjoyed it! Just a disclaimer to say I'm not in anyway bragging, and that I am very appreciative of everything I have been given this year from my lovely family & friends.


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