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24 August 2015

Nicholson's, Nottingham

Last Friday Me and the Mr went out for Date Night, We love finding new places to eat and going to nice bars. When we came across Nicholson's it was the perfect combination of both. The outside immediately caught my eye, beautifully maintained plants line the windows and a simple classic sign. Not garish or unsightly in the slightest.

The inside didn't disappoint either, with light beige walls, chic spotlights and pops of colour in the accessories the room felt very modern and relaxing. We were shown to our table in a nice little nook of the room, perfect for people watching. If you wanted a window seat on a Friday you'll have to book a table early as they were all taken when we visited, and that was at 5:30pm! Date night was early this Friday as I had two twelve hour shifts ahead.

To start with we settled on a couple of drinks whilst we deliberated over the menu. It was happy hour so I had a cheeky cosmopolitan and the Mr settled for a classic Pint.

After perusing the sumptuous menu of spiced chicken, pan fried red snapper and steaks we finally settled on the typical blogger choice, Burgers- so not sorry.

I had The Halloumi and red pepper veggie burger and the Mr chose The Pulled Pork and Apple Jam Burger.

When the meals arrived I could not get over the Pulled Pork burger, it was HUGE!

The service was fantastic, everything was brought out in good time and there was no waiting for anyone to come and see if there was anything else we would like. Another thing that impressed us was the presentation, it was every instagrammers dream. With pretty white rectangular plates covered in news paper and the cute little silver buckets of curly fries.

I need these for at home!

 Everything was delicious and well cooked. We ate and chatted for the next hour or so, then it was time for dessert. Although the dessert menu is small, it is perfectly formed and there is definitely something for everyone. I was torn between the Peanut Butter Cheesecake and the Strawberry Parfait with caramel shortbread. After a lot of bouncing back and forth I eventually decided on the Strawberry Parfait. It was tough but I decided it was the best choice for my waistline if I opted for something a little lighter than the cheesecake. The Mr opted for a sweet Chocolate Fondant.

Again the presentation was dreamy, the little mason jars and fancy spoons AND skittles! I was like a kid in a candy store when I saw the skittles, the red ones are my favourite. The Parfait itself was scrumptious, very sweet and light with chunks of gooey caramel shortbread.

To finish we ordered a final round of drinks, I treated myself to a Bucks Fizz which at £7.00 a glass was very naughty, but very nice indeed.

Overall it came to around £50 for drinks and 2 courses for the both of us. I think for a once in a while Date Night it is pretty good value. The atmosphere was lovely, busy but not loud and you could easily have a good conversation whilst music played in the back ground. The food was really tasty and arrived at your table without any delay and the staff were also very pleasant and polite. We really couldn't fault the place and we plan to go back one night for a few more cheeky drinks!

If you're ever in the area I would definitely recommend popping by for either a drink or a meal.

What's your favourite local place to eat?

20 August 2015

Day Trip To York

I love York, its history, the cute little tea shops and narrow paths. There's something really beautiful about it. One Saturday morning I woke up early shook the Mr awake and said should we just go, he said yes so we jumped on two trains and arrived about 2 hours later. I love a bit of spontaneity, the thrill of doing something out of the ordinary, after all, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy right?!

We took a stroll down the Shambles and came across a cute market, we couldn't resist stopping by for some scrummy looking cakes. I had a salted caramel brownie and it was to die for delicious, the temptation to buy another one was strong.

We then spent some time wandering around, stopping at York Minster and Jorvik Viking centre. My favourite thing to do is explore new places and get a sense of the culture and see everything I possibly can. I love being a tourist- not even sorry.

After spending a few hours walking around some of the historic sights we decided it was high time  for a tea break.

We stopped at the Earl Grey Tea Rooms, which was a seriously cute vintage tea room. I am a total tea fiend but I just love peppermint tea the most, so that's exactly what I had. The Mr had a super green tea which he said was amazing. If we hadn't already had cake I would have definitely had some there, they had some delicious looking ones in their cabinet, but we decided to be good and not have any more!

We had such a fun day. I've promised myself to be more spontaneous and make the most out of my days off. To try not to spend them on the sofa in my pyjamas, although sometimes it has to be done!

I would definitely recommend visiting York if your looking for a fun day out, from shopping in the cute independent stores, sipping on tea in a vintage tea room, or if you like a bit of history every street has a story. There is definitely something for every one!

Where is your favourite place to visit?

9 August 2015

My Most Worn Summer Shoes

So as summer is passing by in the blink of an eye I thought I'd better get my most worn summer shoes up before it's too late! Most of these are Primark offerings as I think they are fantastic value for money in the 'fashion' shoe department. I love how comfortable most of these shoes are and also the versatility of them all.

These 4 styles of shoe will see you through the entire summer no problem, all outfits and angles covered.

I like open toed shoes in the summer, just to let my feet breathe, I don't know about you but after being stood up a lot my feet swell in summer which is not a pretty site. By having open toes it just lets my feet cool that bit more.

These tan beauties are a Primarni offering, I think they cost around £14 which is a real bargain as they look so much more expensive than that. They have around a 2 inch stack heel, making them very comfortable for every day wear but they also give you a bit of height for evenings too. The open toe is really flattering and looks even better with a bit of red polish on the nails. The high ankle makes them very sturdy to walk in and supports your foot and ankle well.

Wear ability- 9/10
comfort- 9/10
Value for money- 10/10

These minimalist black sandals are another Primark buy, again a total bargain! I believe these were around £12. These have a lot lower heel than the tan pair making them more of a day shoe. I really like the simplistic look of these shoes, they are versatile, comfortable and easy to wear with all different items of clothing.

Wear ability- 10/10
comfort- 10/10
Value for money- 10/10

Another Primark Pair- so not sorry. These patent beauties were around £10 and are my most worn heels ever. I even wore them to my graduation as I knew I wouldn't fall over on stage wearing these! Again they have a very flattering peep toe and a 3/4 inch heel, so not too high. These are my go to night out/event heels. If you look at cost to wear ratio I'm probably in credit by now! I do love the patent shoe for an evening on the town just because a lot of drinks get spilt and having a suede shoe means they are more likely to get dirty and ruined. Patent shoes are much easier to clean and maintain. The only fault really is that they can get scratched easily, but I have worn mine more than 30 times and they only have a few scratches on.

Wear ability- 10/10
comfort- 8/10
Value for money- 10/10

These final shoes are from New Look and are the most beautiful neon cerise pink summery looking heels. They are the most uncomfortable out of the four pairs, but what's a blister or two when it comes to wearing some killer heels right? They have the highest heel at around 4/5inch meaning they aren't as sturdy, but I initially bought these for my 21st last year. They have a super pointy toe and there's also a point on the foot area too which is really flattering on the foot. They are again patent making them easy to keep clean. What really drew me to them though is the colour, they are so summery and bright. They cost around the £20 mark so a little more expensive than the previous pairs, but still good value for money.

Wear ability- 6/10
comfort- 7/10
Value for money- 8/10

What shoes have you been wearing this summer?

6 August 2015

Sleek Au-Natural Palette Review

One of my lovely friends, who clearly knows me very well, bought me this palette for my Birthday last month. I have given myself plenty of time to give it a good trying out and I really like it. It's right up my street colour wise, I love a bronze smoky eye for a night out or a very neutral eye for the day time.

The packaging is well suited with it being plain black plastic, however, it does get dirty quite easily so that's something to be aware of! I get foundation fingerprints all over it. Oops!

The colour pay of is very pigmented and quite velvety to the touch. The colours blend beautifully together, making it a very good palette to create fun sultry smoky looks.

I have found that orange gold tones really suit my blue eyes and this palette has two lovely orange golden shades that look perfect together. There are 12 different shades in the palette, the top 6 are very much golden neutral day wear shades and the bottom 6 are more dark sultry evening wear shades. There are a good mix of both shimmer and matte shades which I love as not many palettes have a good mix, you normally have more of one but this palette has 5 matte shades which is almost half of the palette.

I'm not a fan of the brush that comes with the palette, like most of the palettes I own. I tend to stick with my real technique brushes as I find they pick up the shadow better and therefore aid the application of the eye shadow.

I love how slim the palette is and also how it comes with a large mirror, making it a very useful palette to take travelling. This is always a good selling point for me as I love being able to have a range of looks in one small compact palette.

Overall this palette is really lovely, the quality and range of the shadows is excellent and very versatile, I would definitely recommend this palette to those of you who love a good neutral palette.

What's your favourite neutral palette?

5 August 2015

The Weekend Diaries - Sherwood Forest

I thought I would try and have a go at the blogging version of a 'vlog' and give you sneak peaks into what I get up to at the weekend. I'm no good with filming having already having a dabble into the world of youtube, one day maybe, but for now I will stick to my comfort zone and my feet firmly in the blogging community.

I find photography one of my favourite pass times and I love going to beautiful places, so the two go hand in hand perfectly.

Last weekend we took a trip to Sherwood Forest, famed for Robin Hood.

We packed up the car, donned our walking shoes and set off for a nice long walk.

There's something about getting outdoors, putting on your comfiest shoes and packing up some tasty treats in a picnic baskets. I feel so much better after a nice long walk in the countryside. It makes you so much more relaxed.

We headed straight for Major Oak, the famous tree from Robin Hood.

Major has a 33 metre waistline and is around 1150 years old! Hence the reason for all the straps to hold it up. I turned to Stephen and said can you imagine if trees had eyes, the people and things this tree would have seen over those 1150 years must be incredible. Food for thought there.

We spent a good few hours pottering through the trees, stopping for our picnic and taking in all the wild life. If you've read my blog for a while now you'd know I love walking. It really is one of my hobbies! If you love the outdoors, walking and a spot of history then I would definitely recommend a trip to Sherwood Forest.

What did you get up to last weekend?

1 August 2015

A Look Back At July

So that’s another month ticked off! I'm sorry, I seem to start all my monthly ‘look backs’ with that same line. It can't be avoided, I mean it's August already. August! Summer is coming to a very quick end; it'll be winter before you know it. Where does the time go? That's something I ask myself each month, but thanks to my countless social media platforms and this little blog I can look back on each month to these 'look backs' and see that actually I have done quite a lot (or not in some cases!).

July was a very big month for me in terms of life changes. A lot of things came to a halt earlier this year in terms of our house hunting and wedding planning. The reason for this being that I was looking for a career change. Whilst it was sad to stop looking at houses and wedding planning for a few months I knew they would be impossible to do whilst also looking for a new job. That new job came along soon enough and I started at the beginning of this month. I am still very new to it and think hope that I'm plodding along nicely, I have a lot to learn but I'm enjoying doing so. Now that I have settled into a routine more, the wedding planning is back on and we've been to see some more houses. Everything seems to be starting to come together and I hope that over the next few months things will develop further.

In terms of wedding planning we are currently in talks with our potential photographer.  I have also began designing a few mock invitations, as we are making these ourselves (I know- wish us luck!). I have started looking at booking appointments to try on dresses, which is exciting and daunting all in one! So there has been a few minor changes in the wedding department but nothing huge as of yet.

This new job has meant that I've actually had a few full weekends off, which I haven't had for a long time. I decided to make the most of this as my partner works Monday-Friday meaning that we have squeezed in some lovely trips together this month. However, this has also meant that this blog of mine has remained fairly silent. I haven't left, merely taking a holiday. I have lots of posts planned in my head (and various note pads) so please keep an eye out for those! They will be more beauty and lifestyle ones. I am trying to pop in fashion too as it is one of my passions but when you mainly wear a uniform or PJ's it doesn't make for the most interesting styling posts! I am working on it.

Another important thing that happened this month is that I turned 22! Who else immediately wants to sing Taylor Swift? It’s a struggle. I had a lovely Birthday and was well and truly spoilt. I spent the day shopping followed by tea at Jameson's tea rooms in Sheffield.

 So let's have a look at my July in Instagrams.

1. Birthday Afternoon Tea at Jameson's
2. Picnicing professional with my basket!
3. My favourite photo.
4. Train Selfie
5. Lovely spontaneous trip to York
6. Addicted to this frozen yogurt!
7.  Birthday Treats. Pandora rings are so pretty
8. The. Best. Summer. Drink. Ever.
9. Obligatory getting ready selfie. I'm not sorry.
So even though I feel like this month has come and gone in the blink of an eye, I'm wrong, and I've actually just been enjoying myself so much it feels as though it has gone quicker, which is always a good thing. I'm hoping for more of this in August and I look forward to seeing what it has in store for us. So stay tuned!
What did you get up to this July?
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