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1 August 2015

A Look Back At July

So that’s another month ticked off! I'm sorry, I seem to start all my monthly ‘look backs’ with that same line. It can't be avoided, I mean it's August already. August! Summer is coming to a very quick end; it'll be winter before you know it. Where does the time go? That's something I ask myself each month, but thanks to my countless social media platforms and this little blog I can look back on each month to these 'look backs' and see that actually I have done quite a lot (or not in some cases!).

July was a very big month for me in terms of life changes. A lot of things came to a halt earlier this year in terms of our house hunting and wedding planning. The reason for this being that I was looking for a career change. Whilst it was sad to stop looking at houses and wedding planning for a few months I knew they would be impossible to do whilst also looking for a new job. That new job came along soon enough and I started at the beginning of this month. I am still very new to it and think hope that I'm plodding along nicely, I have a lot to learn but I'm enjoying doing so. Now that I have settled into a routine more, the wedding planning is back on and we've been to see some more houses. Everything seems to be starting to come together and I hope that over the next few months things will develop further.

In terms of wedding planning we are currently in talks with our potential photographer.  I have also began designing a few mock invitations, as we are making these ourselves (I know- wish us luck!). I have started looking at booking appointments to try on dresses, which is exciting and daunting all in one! So there has been a few minor changes in the wedding department but nothing huge as of yet.

This new job has meant that I've actually had a few full weekends off, which I haven't had for a long time. I decided to make the most of this as my partner works Monday-Friday meaning that we have squeezed in some lovely trips together this month. However, this has also meant that this blog of mine has remained fairly silent. I haven't left, merely taking a holiday. I have lots of posts planned in my head (and various note pads) so please keep an eye out for those! They will be more beauty and lifestyle ones. I am trying to pop in fashion too as it is one of my passions but when you mainly wear a uniform or PJ's it doesn't make for the most interesting styling posts! I am working on it.

Another important thing that happened this month is that I turned 22! Who else immediately wants to sing Taylor Swift? It’s a struggle. I had a lovely Birthday and was well and truly spoilt. I spent the day shopping followed by tea at Jameson's tea rooms in Sheffield.

 So let's have a look at my July in Instagrams.

1. Birthday Afternoon Tea at Jameson's
2. Picnicing professional with my basket!
3. My favourite photo.
4. Train Selfie
5. Lovely spontaneous trip to York
6. Addicted to this frozen yogurt!
7.  Birthday Treats. Pandora rings are so pretty
8. The. Best. Summer. Drink. Ever.
9. Obligatory getting ready selfie. I'm not sorry.
So even though I feel like this month has come and gone in the blink of an eye, I'm wrong, and I've actually just been enjoying myself so much it feels as though it has gone quicker, which is always a good thing. I'm hoping for more of this in August and I look forward to seeing what it has in store for us. So stay tuned!
What did you get up to this July?

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