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9 August 2015

My Most Worn Summer Shoes

So as summer is passing by in the blink of an eye I thought I'd better get my most worn summer shoes up before it's too late! Most of these are Primark offerings as I think they are fantastic value for money in the 'fashion' shoe department. I love how comfortable most of these shoes are and also the versatility of them all.

These 4 styles of shoe will see you through the entire summer no problem, all outfits and angles covered.

I like open toed shoes in the summer, just to let my feet breathe, I don't know about you but after being stood up a lot my feet swell in summer which is not a pretty site. By having open toes it just lets my feet cool that bit more.

These tan beauties are a Primarni offering, I think they cost around £14 which is a real bargain as they look so much more expensive than that. They have around a 2 inch stack heel, making them very comfortable for every day wear but they also give you a bit of height for evenings too. The open toe is really flattering and looks even better with a bit of red polish on the nails. The high ankle makes them very sturdy to walk in and supports your foot and ankle well.

Wear ability- 9/10
comfort- 9/10
Value for money- 10/10

These minimalist black sandals are another Primark buy, again a total bargain! I believe these were around £12. These have a lot lower heel than the tan pair making them more of a day shoe. I really like the simplistic look of these shoes, they are versatile, comfortable and easy to wear with all different items of clothing.

Wear ability- 10/10
comfort- 10/10
Value for money- 10/10

Another Primark Pair- so not sorry. These patent beauties were around £10 and are my most worn heels ever. I even wore them to my graduation as I knew I wouldn't fall over on stage wearing these! Again they have a very flattering peep toe and a 3/4 inch heel, so not too high. These are my go to night out/event heels. If you look at cost to wear ratio I'm probably in credit by now! I do love the patent shoe for an evening on the town just because a lot of drinks get spilt and having a suede shoe means they are more likely to get dirty and ruined. Patent shoes are much easier to clean and maintain. The only fault really is that they can get scratched easily, but I have worn mine more than 30 times and they only have a few scratches on.

Wear ability- 10/10
comfort- 8/10
Value for money- 10/10

These final shoes are from New Look and are the most beautiful neon cerise pink summery looking heels. They are the most uncomfortable out of the four pairs, but what's a blister or two when it comes to wearing some killer heels right? They have the highest heel at around 4/5inch meaning they aren't as sturdy, but I initially bought these for my 21st last year. They have a super pointy toe and there's also a point on the foot area too which is really flattering on the foot. They are again patent making them easy to keep clean. What really drew me to them though is the colour, they are so summery and bright. They cost around the £20 mark so a little more expensive than the previous pairs, but still good value for money.

Wear ability- 6/10
comfort- 7/10
Value for money- 8/10

What shoes have you been wearing this summer?

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