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5 August 2015

The Weekend Diaries - Sherwood Forest

I thought I would try and have a go at the blogging version of a 'vlog' and give you sneak peaks into what I get up to at the weekend. I'm no good with filming having already having a dabble into the world of youtube, one day maybe, but for now I will stick to my comfort zone and my feet firmly in the blogging community.

I find photography one of my favourite pass times and I love going to beautiful places, so the two go hand in hand perfectly.

Last weekend we took a trip to Sherwood Forest, famed for Robin Hood.

We packed up the car, donned our walking shoes and set off for a nice long walk.

There's something about getting outdoors, putting on your comfiest shoes and packing up some tasty treats in a picnic baskets. I feel so much better after a nice long walk in the countryside. It makes you so much more relaxed.

We headed straight for Major Oak, the famous tree from Robin Hood.

Major has a 33 metre waistline and is around 1150 years old! Hence the reason for all the straps to hold it up. I turned to Stephen and said can you imagine if trees had eyes, the people and things this tree would have seen over those 1150 years must be incredible. Food for thought there.

We spent a good few hours pottering through the trees, stopping for our picnic and taking in all the wild life. If you've read my blog for a while now you'd know I love walking. It really is one of my hobbies! If you love the outdoors, walking and a spot of history then I would definitely recommend a trip to Sherwood Forest.

What did you get up to last weekend?

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