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27 September 2015

Annie's Burger Shack, Nottingham

Annie's Burger Shack is a highly popular American Rhode Island beer and burger bar located in the Centre of Nottingham, nestled down a quiet side street.

We had wanted to dine here on numerous occasions but there had always been a 2 or more hour wait, today however we chanced it and it must have been our lucky day, as they had one table for two!

What first drew me to wanting to eat here is that I am a vegetarian and whilst restaurants are now improving their menu to accommodate us veggies there is still a distinct lack of places for us to eat. Here at Annie's Burger Shack each one of their burgers are available in Vegan, Veggie and Meat. So it gave me plenty of variety and options to choose from.

The menu has such a good variety of burgers to choose from, from the weird to the wonderful! There is The Elvis which is a burger topped with Peanut Butter and Jam.. or The Deathray which is a super spicy concoction of jalapeƱos and hot chilli paste.

 The choice was very difficult but after some tactful deliberation I settled for The Gringo, which is a Mexican style burger topped with a tortilla basket full of refried beans, veg and spicy rice. The Mr opted for The Peppino Pizza burger which is basically pizza topping on a burger! Check out the other options here.

When it arrived I didn't know where to begin, you definitely get a good portion here and will not leave feeling hungry! We tucked in almost immediately and let's just say it didn't look so picturesque once we had finished. The service was great and the burgers were cooked to perfection which is amazing to say how busy it is was.

My Burger was lightly spiced and extremely juicy, being well covered in chilli sauce and topped with crunchy onions and cucumbers. It was a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds. I couldn't quite finish it all but it was delicious.

Our meal, along side a beer and a pint of cola, came to £28.60 which I think is excellent value for money for the quality of food you receive.

The lighting was very dim inside the bar so unfortunately the pictures of us didn't turn out great, instead here's a selfie I took before we left! I'm wearing Rimmel Kate Moss 107 on my lips and my polo neck is from New Look.

I would definitely recommend a trip to Annie's Burger Shack if you're a burger lover or if your a vegetarian looking for a better selection of food, I will certainly be going back! It is best to reserve a table if you can as you may not get a place otherwise, or have a long wait.

I also treated myself to the Canon 1200d DSLR yesterday and I'm still getting to grips with it at the minute but I'm looking forward to providing better quality images for my blog as well as capturing memories in high definition. If any one has any photography tips or lens suggestions send them my way!

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