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18 November 2015

Joe's Kitchen, Derby

I recently visited Joe's Kitchen in Derby after hearing that it had not long opened there, and being a massive food lover who's on a quest to visit most of the local restaurants I decided I had better pay a visit.

What first grabbed my attention about Joe's Kitchen was the amazing décor, from the outside it's pretty impressive with lots of plants, large glass windows and then you can see the giant chandelier peeping through the doorway.

I also love how they have clashed the modern industrial look of the exposed pipes and vents with the glamour of the fancy floral lamp shades and twinkling chandeliers. It's very eye catching!

Everything is how you would say 'instagrammable'. Each table had a mini chalk board with a quote on, which was another very sweet touch to the décor.

Even the toilets were beautiful! They had vibrant potted flowers perched along the sinks.

  Décor aside, to add to the bloggers dream, the cocktails were served in cute mason style jars. Which means that you must definitely indulge in one just for the glass alone!

These Pinterest worthy drinks are sweetly named 'Joe's Jars', and come in some taste bud tantalising flavours. There's Elderflower Fizz, which is Elderflower Liqueur and Fresh lime juice, or, if your feeling fruity, there's the Orange and Mango Mash Up. I opted for this one. It's made up of Orange Gin, Fresh Orange Juice & Mango Puree. The Mr went for a classic pint that arrived in a huge Tankard!

The best is saved until last of course, the food! I was a little bit naughty and had my dinner off the dessert menu - I just needed pancakes ok! They are usually on the Breakfast menu, however, this ended at 11am, so I just had to have them off the dessert menu instead. I half expected someone to turn up and tell me that I wouldn't get any dessert if I didn't eat my dinner. However, I'm definitely glad I made the decision!

These American Style, thick, stacked pancakes oozed plenty of sweet flavours, and the berries gave the dish a bit of zing to what's mainly a sweet palette. They were so good, and came with a good dollop of ice cream too, just for good measure.

The Mr opted for the next best juicy offer, a Burger. Not just any plain burger though, A Joe's Homemade Burger. Yep that's right - imagine a tasty burger, now add bacon, red onion and melted cheddar and you have the basis of Joe's Homemade Burger.

I can confirm that he said it was very good and super tasty.

Overall, our meal cost roughly £27 for 2 meals and 2 drinks, which is really good value for money as the food and service were excellent. If you like Burgers, Pancakes, Cocktails in jars and more then you will love Joe's Kitchen. I will definitely be making a visit again to try some more of those cheeky cocktails!

Where's you favourite place to eat out?

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