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22 January 2016

Winter Weekend Break Essentials

 I'm travel obsessed, and have been fortunate enough to have visited quite a few beautiful cities,  because of this I have learnt to pack better. I wouldn't say I'm super efficient- a girl can never have too many outfit options! However, I am better than what I used to be.

 When it comes to packing for a winter break, practicality should rule over all. Which I know sounds pretty boring, but it's essential. I visited Edinburgh one September and in the Midlands it was still fairly warm, so I just packed a thin blazer jacket. Needless to say I made a dash to the nearest Primark to stock up on Jumpers! I now always check the weather of where I'm going before packing!

 Footwear is key, it's winter, it's highly likely to be raining. Think about what kind of activities you'll be doing, where are you going - city streets or country fields? I always like to take one pair of boots and one pair of flats for day time wear. I'd also recommend looking at the clothes you're packing and choose footwear that can be mixed and matched for all the outfits. Some of you brave babes may wear heels in snow but I'd be flat on the floor within seconds!

 A flask! Now I know this isn't what most people deem an 'essential' when packing, but I find them so useful, especially in winter. Most hotel rooms have their own tea stations where you can make your own drinks as you please, if you're in a rush you can use this to fill up your flask and off you go, hot drink in hand. It saves you stopping at the nearest Starbucks, although the temptation is still there...

 Warm accessories; hats, gloves, scarves. These not only help keep you warm but they also can really put together an outfit. Plain tee and jeans? pop on a thick, snuggly scarf and bowler hat for instant chic. I like to take a felt floppy hat and a cosy bobble hat. One keeps my head warm the other keeps my face dry! Win, Win really?

 Also if you're not taking a hooded jacket, I recommend remembering your umbrella! It's one of the first things I pop into my handbag when going anywhere, even in summer!

Pretty Lingerie. Again not high on many peoples essential list, but I find that winter weekend breaks usually see me wearing an array of snuggly knitwear whilst I frolic about in the rain. Even in winter it's nice to wear something pretty, feminine and dare I say a bit sexy. Well sexier than that large knitted jumper I've just stuffed wildly into my case!

 So these are my not so conventional winter weekend essentials, of course you have your usual subjects- toiletries, underwear etc. But these are my little extra something's that I find handy on trips and hope you will too!

What are your trip essentials?


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