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28 March 2016

Easter at The H House

Cream Jug - Ikea
Flowers- Asda
'You are loved' Mug- Asda
Gold Bunny - TK Maxx
Chocolate Bunnies - Aldi

Hello from our new home! This is the first post I've written since we've moved, and we're finally starting to feel like we're at home, and not just living in an empty shell. The first few nights were so strange, no internet or TV, just the two of us, no furniture had been built apart from the bed. However, fast forward just over a week and things are starting to find there place, the fridge is full and we have a dining table!

 This Easter Weekend was our first proper weekend together in the house, we decided to treat ourselves to a relaxing weekend after all the chaos, I got in some extra yummy treats, we had a luxury breakfast in bed and cooked a scrumptious Sunday roast. The sun even reared its head occasionally.

 I love decorations and making a space look pretty, but with the limited time we've been here and all the other bits like re-decorating, and building furniture I didn't get chance to get any Eastery décor up in time.  To make our space more fitting for the season I bought some pretty yellow and white flowers from Asda to pop in my cream jug vase, a gorgeous gold bunny from TK Maxx, which has found it's home on our bookshelves, and of course lots of chocolate!

 We hosted our first House warming parties with our friends and Family, which were so much fun. It's made us so excited for all our future plans, summer garden parties, Birthdays. Christmases and more! I cannot wait to share our before and after's and more home posts from the 'H house' as I lovingly call it. For now though I best get to sleep.

Hope you all had a lovely Weekend!

20 March 2016

A Little Update

 Things have been fairly silent here recently, and on all my social media channels to be fair. It's not because I've been stuck for ideas, or haven't had the drive to complete posts, it's actually because we've been in the final stages of buying our first home together!

My space has been filled with boxes, my bed has been broken down and I only have a few belongings left out that haven't been packed safely away. It's been both stressful and exciting. You never really realise how much rubbish you keep until it's time to pack it all up, I cleared out a lot of my stuff, old clothes I don't wear, books, old products I don't use. It was cleansing, yet a bit frustrating too! Finally Wednesday rolled round and we picked up our keys.

 What most of you probably haven't seen through my current posts is that I love interior décor. I'm Pinterest obsessed, I have stacks of home magazines, and I love to follow interior Instagram's. I really wanted to incorporate this into my blog from the start, but I just didn't have the space. I mean, I only had my bedroom, which wouldn't make for the best interior posts! However, I'm now super excited to share our house to home journey with you, and give my blog a new lease of life. I want to cover everything from your first mortgage appointment to styling your coffee table. I've learnt a lot in the short time we've been going through this process and wish I had known more at the time.

 For now though, I'm internet-less, which is actually harder to bear than I thought! I hope to be up and running soon, with an update of how we're getting on etc.

Speak soon!
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