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1 April 2016

Our Tips For First Time Buyers

We have officially lived in our new house just over two weeks now, and I decided to share some of the things we learnt in our journey to buying a home with you, to try and help any one whose looking to move, or buy their first home. There was a lot of things we discovered, and things we didn't realise when it came to buying a house. All you're ever told is that it's expensive and stressful, which, I guess you could say, it is. I'd probably say it's more frustrating than stressful, but I suppose it depends on your circumstances, we were just moving out of our parents homes, so we only really had one room to pack away, and all the time we needed to do it. I can imagine that if you had a time restraint to move, then it would be all the more stressful.  

 So let's begin with our tips.

1. Arrange a mortgage appointment before starting to look at houses. It's always best to know what you can afford before you start looking. Work out what you think you can comfortably afford a month including a rough estimate of bills etc. This will really help you stick within your budget.

2. Make a short list of requirements. Do you need to be in an area where you can commute easily? How many bedrooms do you need? Where are the nearest schools, shops, bars etc. However, remember to bear in mind your budget, and be realistic to what you can afford when setting your requirements.

3. Have a good look online and select a few different types of properties, in different locations. This will help give you a taste of what properties you like, and what areas you're willing to live in.

4. View them in person. This was my absolute favourite part, it's probably the nosey person in me, but I just loved looking around houses. We viewed a lot before finding this one, but sometimes a house will feel completely different to the picture.

5. Make a list of positives and negatives (if there are any) to the houses you've seen. Sometimes you'll know right away if you like a place or not.

6. Once you've found a house you like, visit it at various times of the day and week. This will give you an indication of how busy the road is, where the sun will be and how good parking is, etc.

7. If all checks out well, be prepared to make your first offer! Set yourself a minimum and maximum that you're prepared to go to, and don't be disheartened if your first offer is rejected. Don't be scared of putting a much lower offer in. If your first offer is accepted, think what you could've saved if you'd started lower!

8. Accepted Offer! Once you have your offer accepted the real work begins. Solicitors, bank appointments, packing, and lots of waiting.

 Once our offer had been accepted. the next few weeks were very busy with emails and appointments, and then the waiting begins. The solicitors and surveyors will get to work and prepare all there documentation, but we didn't expect it to take as long as it did, and I must say you need a lot of patience. It's definitely all worth it in the end though, when the keys are in your hand.

I'm planning a few more posts coming up soon, including; a packing and preparing to move post, and maybe a first day check list post. I may also share a sneak peek of our 'before' house photos, which are the first thing I did when we got the keys. I wanted to document our journey from house to home, because it's a really special part of our lives.

I hope you find this helpful, and if any of you have your own tips please leave them below!

Let me know if you would be interested in any of these ideas or suggest anything you would particularly like to know or see!

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