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27 June 2016

Room Reveal | Our Living Room

Hoorah, the first of our room reveals is finally ready! If you've been following my blog for a while then you may have seen that a few months ago we purchased our first home! I wrote up a post all about our plans for the home, which you can read about here.

It has taken us a long time to get to this point, but we have finally got one almost complete room! I say almost as we are waiting to get some new cream blinds put up in the bay window. I'm also not set on the T.V stand but it will be staying for the time being. There's always work to be done, but for now I am really happy with how this room has turned out.

So as all renovation posts go, I should start at the beginning.

The room is a very generous size, with a gorgeous fireplace as the main focal point. Our aim was to make this room light, bright, yet cosy. A place where we can unfurl after a long day at work and relax.

The re-decorating of this room wasn't too drastic, we just re-painted the walls whiter, with the shade 'Timeless' by Dulux, and re-papered the chimney breast. I actually really loved the pattern of the original wallpaper, but I'm much more a neutral gal at heart, so we chose the same paper but in a cream and pale gold.


We moved everything out, stripped off the wallpaper and began. We had already painted the walls when we first moved in, but waited a while to get started on the rest. It took longer than we thought to strip the chimney breast wallpaper as it had 3 layers of paper!


It's hard to get a feel for the sense of space this room has from the photos, but it's such a good size that we've managed to fit a lot of great furniture pieces in the room, without having to compromise on space. We have used the three seater sofa to create a kind of walk way from the front door to the hall way, in which we have included our Next 'Home' mat, and a vintage style shoe rack for when visitors come.

   Our main hall way is actually at the side of the house which once we have redecorated will be used as our main entrance, but, for shopping and visitors the front entrance is obviously the easiest option.

Our book cases are from Ikea, and I have filled them with books, decorative accessories and photographs. I really like how these look and plan to switch up the accessories as the seasons change. at the moment they are rather season neutral, but I look forward to adding pretty autumn and winter pieces to them! - Not wishing the summer away though!

We wanted a nice family space, with a cosy vibe. I am so excited for family gatherings, Christmas, parties, and of course starting our own family. When decorating this room all of these things were in the fore front of my mind.

I hope you've enjoyed a sneaky peak at our first completed room! I think the next room reveal will be our dining room, I have a few finishing touches to do but its largely finished wahoo!


13 June 2016

Benefit's Brow Launch | Nottingham John Lewis

 Benefit is a brand I've always been drawn too, I love their playful packaging, and punchy product names. What I love even more is that they create such easy to use, effective products. I'm already a huge fan of their Hoola Bronzer, Porefessional Primer and Bad Gal Lash, which are among some of my make-up bag essentials. So when I was invited along to the Benefit Counter, at John Lewis in Nottingham, to get a sneaky preview and test out their brand new Brow Collection which launches on 24th June, I jumped at the chance! My Brows are probably the thing I struggle with most. So when I was greeted by the lovely Shadrine I was excited to see if she could help me solve my browlema.

I poured out my woes about having fair, sparse and lack-lustre brows, Shadrine was extremely attentive and got to work straight away to try and help me solve it! Just to give you an idea of what I mean by sparse & lack lustre, here's a picture of my natural, unfilled and un preened brows.

Definitely not brows on fleek. First we went through Brow Mapping, which is the technique of pin pointing the natural shape of your brow in relation to your features. I had my brows marked out where they should start, arch and end before she began, so that we could create the perfect shape.

Once we had mapped out my brows it was time to test out the new products! The first of the new products that was suggested to me, and one I really wanted to try, was the Goof Proof Pencil. This is a double ended pencil, one end is the actual brow pencil itself, the other a built in spooly! Goof Proof is available in 6 different shades, yes that's right 6! So much more choice than the standard; light, medium and dark! Being a fair-skinned blonde, we tried shade 1 on me. I was talked through how Goof Proof is exactly as it's name suggests, a fool proof brow pencil. It has a brilliant pointed end to help achieve those clean angles and help shape the brow easily. It simply glides on, and it's also waterproof! Hello summer holiday brows.  This pencil is good if you want perfect brows in quick time. Use it to fill in sparse areas, and create the perfect arch, then brush through after with the spooly to create a smooth, preened look.  I did love the concept of Goof Proof and how easy it is to use, but with my Browlema I needed a higher coverage product.

Brow filled in with Goof Proof Shade 1.

To try and give my brows even more stand out power, and disguise those pesky sparse areas, the next product we tried was the Ka Brow Eyebrow Cream-Gel.  I've never tried a gel brow product before, I've always been a powder and pencil kinda gal, but I can firmly say I'm now a convert! This super effortless formula is easy to use, as it comes with it's own extendable brow brush, and you can build up the coverage to suit the look you're going for by using light strokes for a natural look, or go all out for highly defined brows. Like Goof Proof it is also waterproof, and claims to last 24 hours! What's not to love! Again, this product comes in 6 different shades so there is bound to be a shade that suits you, I fit into number 1.

Brows filled in with Ka Brow shade 1.
As you can see from the two photos, by using Ka Brow my brows look a lot more defined whilst still being more on the natural side, and not a sparse patch in sight!

   We also dabbled with a bit of the Brow-zings, which is a product I'm more familiar with. Brow zings is a powder and wax compact, that is super easy and simple to use. You just use an eyebrow brush to apply the powder to your brow, and then set it using the wax. A very handy product to have in your make-up bag, especially for those days you need an extra 10 minutes in bed. We've all been there!

Once I had found the best product for my brows, though in all honesty I love them all! It was time to jack them up (I watch far too many Say Yes to the dress).

3D Brow Tones was applied which subtly enhanced my newly defined brows, by adding multi tones and giving them depth. Brow Tones has a small easy to use brush applicator, that is just the right size to get a good all over application. By adding Brow Tones on top of Ka Brow it made my brows look more natural and dimensional, instead of one flat block of colour.

Next, we wanted to make sure that my brows weren't going to budge, although with Ka Brow being 24 hour long lasting, and waterproof, I'm sure they weren't going to anyway! Yet, for more sticking power I had Ready, Set, BROW! applied over the top of everything. This is a 24 hour clear, setting gel, that is basically the glue for holding your brows in place, however, the good thing is it isn't sticky!

To finalise the whole Brow Transformation High Brow, a pearly pink highlight, was applied underneath my eyebrows to really open my eye area and lift my brows. I love how effective this product looks, and I instantly looked fresher and awake.

My Brow transformation was complete! The transformation didn't stop there though, I was allowed to have a mooch around the gorgeously presented counter and pick a few more of their products to try!

My eyes landed on the gorgeous packaged Fake Up creamy concealer, Fine One One 3 in one Blusher and Hervana Powder Blush. As you can see I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to packaging and these products didn't disappoint!

Fake Up creamy concealer is the perfect under eye concealer, it's very luminous and makes your face look bright and fresh. This was applied in a V shape under my eye's and then blended in. The difference this product made to my complexion was staggering, and definitely something I'm going to invest in.

So what do you do after having a whole hour being pampered, and having your Brows transformed? Take as many selfies as possible of course!

I am totally in love with how my brows look, they really give my face definition.

I was so grateful to be given a beautiful goody bag with some of the products used on me, so that I can have a go at re-creating the brows at home. It also included the most gorgeous Passport cover that is definitely going to be coveted on my upcoming Honey Moon!

Overall, I am so impressed by the new Benefit Brow Collection. Everything from the packaging, to the innovative products is on point.

   Also the customer service I received at the Nottingham John Lewis Benefit counter was amazing, I felt really comfortable and at ease in the hands of Shadrine, who really knew her stuff about all of the products. I loved how my brows looked at the end, and I am extremely thankful for being given the opportunity to try out the new products. When the collection Launches on 24th June I will definitely be getting my hands on some of them!

I hope you enjoyed this post, which of the new Benefit Brow products do you have your eyes on?


4 June 2016

Life Lately | Blogger Meet ups, Adventuring and Wedding Planning!

Well hello gorgeous breakfast bowl that has no association to this post! Things on here have been a little silent lately, though I can't say the same for my 'normal' life! It's been fairly hectic to say the least. In between working 12 hour shifts, I've been wedding planning, house decorating and squeezing in some socialising!

We've been working hard to get as much as we can done to the house before my birthday rolls around next month, we've repainted the second room - goodbye Thomas! See my Before House Tour post here to see what I'm talking about! We're having brand new Chester style sofas delivered at the end of the month, and we're re-wallpapering the chimney breast in the living room in a few weeks time.

I've also started to up cycle a gorgeous, large, welsh dresser to go in our dining room, I cannot wait to share the finished product with you as I know it's going to look fantastic!

Another reason I've been quiet on here is that I've hit the 5month until I get married mark! Eek! It's all counting down from here, and panic stations set in as I realised how much I still have to do and decide! Though we ticked off two more things today, which has made me feel a bit more chilled. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, which makes planning one of the biggest days of your life a lot more difficult!

The things we've ticked off our list recently are the favours, the flowers, the invites have arrived and we've booked our honeymoon! I still have a few D.I.Y things I want to do, so will definitely be starting them soon.

Finally, I've also managed to fit a few social things in too, just to keep me sane! I recently went to the Derby bloggers meet up, that was set up by Monet (munchingwithmonet). The event was really lovely, it was great to meet some more local bloggers! The food was delicious, and the location perfect. Monet even organised some gift bags that contained delicious goodies!

A trip to Castleton was the perfect way to spend Bank Holiday Monday, the sun came out too - which we all know is a rarity for a british bank holiday!

So here's my little check in! What have you been up to?

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