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3 July 2016

Monochrome Paisley Print

What is it with all this rain? It's supposed to be summer, yet I'm pretty sure it's just skipped straight to autumn! It's been hard to snap any outfit posts, but I managed to squeeze in this cheeky outfit by diving outside as soon as the shower stopped!

I wore this outfit for my Pre-Birthday party yesterday, I'm actually going away on my Birthday weekend this year, but still wanted to do something with my friends. I decided to just have some food and a few quiet drinks at our house which was perfect.

This monochrome paisley print playsuit (try saying that fast!) is a sneaky Primark find. I absolutely love all the detail on it, from the print itself, to the cold shoulders and tassels. It's very festival/boho chic. Even better, it's comfy and floaty.

I paired it with a Mock croc tan bag, a western style buckle belt and a long dainty necklace. I think it worked well together and was extremely comfortable all night.

What do you think of this outfit?

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