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24 August 2016

9 Thoughts You'll Have If You're A Blogger

1. Twitter, why your character count so low! I'm expected to be able to write 8000 words in an exam, yet when I need it most, I'm given just 140 characters!

2. How come I have taken 100 photos and only 1 of them is bloggable. If this was film I'd be ruined, good job it's the digital age, delete, delete, delete!

3. I must move to New York, or London, or somewhere really cool, with lots of places to eat pretty food and drink endless cups of coffee, all of course whilst instagramming my new chanel handbag. Ahh a girl can dream.

4. Wait, it's nearly September?! Must take as many photos as possible before daylight becomes a distant memory!

5. I'm constantly battling between pretty dainty salads and big juicy burgers, and all the donuts, cronuts, and cake. Oh and the Froyo. Instagram why you do this to me.

6. How has 3 hours passed? I've only been browsing Pinterest, is this clock still working..?

7. I never have any money, I don't even know what I've spent it on. Eyes meet 7 starbucks cups, 3 new bags and 6 notepads, that were just too cute to pass up. hmmm.

8. This Insta pic is amazing, its everything, I love it. Oh it doesn't fit my theme. Damn.

9. How have I not mastered that whole sultry, deep in thought, staring into the distance look that all the bloggers have. I just look like I'm lost or have a serious case of RBF. Can I sign up for classes please?

I hope you've enjoyed this tongue in cheek post,
 let me know some of your thoughts as a blogger!
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