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19 September 2016

Be at One Nottingham Opening Night

When I heard that a new cocktail bar was opening in Nottingham, I knew that I had to go and try it out. Nottingham has a vibrant night life already, and I was excited to see what this new Cocktail Bar had to offer.

We arrived down some low lit stairs into the spacious bar, as soon as we entered the room the staff were extremely attentive, handing us a menu and asking us about our evening. It was amazing to be made to feel so welcome.

The décor has a sophisticated, art deco vibe. There is plush red leather seating, deep green walls and amazing light fixtures. The bar was impressively stocked and the lighting provided a brilliant atmosphere.

Even the toilets were incredibly beautiful, I took a sneaky Instagram picture which you can see here!

We took our seats and browsed the cocktail menu, and wow! There is definitely something for everyone, with an impressive 150 cocktails to choose from!

It took us some time to decide, we were hugely spoilt for choice. In the end I went for the very decadent Brazilian Monk. An Ice Cream cocktail made up with; Vanilla Ice cream, Frangelico (Hazelnut Liqueur), Crème de Cacao (Chocolate liqueur) and Kahlua (Coffee liqueur). I can confirm that it was divine, like drinking a rich frozen chocolate milkshake. We also had the bonus of it being Happy Hour, so I got the pleasure of having two of these heavenly delights!

Stephen opted for The Raspberry Lynchburg. This cocktail was a fruity, fizzy concoction of; Jack Daniels, Chambord, Raspberry puree, Lemon Juice, Egg white and Lemonade. This cocktail was right up my street! I often opt for the sweet, fruity cocktails and this ticked all the boxes, it definitely tantalised the taste buds.

For round two, Stephen had a mocktail by the name of Bean, all of the buzz, with no alcohol. This is perfect for all of you designated drivers! Bean is made up of; Espresso, Milk, Cream, Sugar Syrup and Orgeat Syrup.

I on the other hand opted for another cocktail and chose the Blueberry Muffin, which literally tasted like Christmas captured in a cocktail! This delicious drink delivers a mix of different notes. On first taste you get the burst of Blueberry Jam, sweet and tangy. Then as the drink goes down you can really taste the warmth of the Gingerbread Syrup. Extraordinarily tasty. I could have definitely drank more of these!

Be At One has a fantastic atmosphere, and the staff were really enthusiastic, inviting and helpful.
Unfortunately we only managed to sample a drop of the 150 fabulous cocktails on offer, but we definitely plan on making another visit very soon. Popster, the Popcorn topped cocktail, is top of my list for the next visit!

For delicious cocktails, good service and a brilliant atmosphere I would highly recommend stopping off at Be at One.
What Cocktail would you go for?

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