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14 September 2016

Twenty Travels In My Twenties

If you know me, then you'll know how much I love to travel. I've been very lucky to visit so many incredible places over the past few years that it has just furthered my passion for travel. My favourite travel memory so far has been backpacking for a whole month around Europe with my wonderful Fianc√©. We saw all the sights, ate all the food and had the most wonderful adventure together.

 I tell Stephen almost weekly about another place we need to go to and start dreaming up all things I would love to do in said place. Over the past few years i've read plenty of travel blogs and followed all their Instagram's so I decided to write up this post to put all of my own my Travel Bucket List plans in one place. I want to explore more of what our world has to offer, so why not start now? Here are my Twenty in my Twenties;

1. Visit New York at Christmas, take an empty case and fill it with all my amazing finds.

2. Spend the day listening to the crystal blue Caribbean sea lap the pure white sand, all whilst losing myself in a good book.

3. Spot a bear whilst camping in Canada.

4. Search for the Big 5 on an African Safari.

5. See the stunning Northern lights in Iceland.

6. Have a Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

7. Place a bet in Vegas.

8. Take one of Trek America's sensational tours.

9. Go Glamping in the beautiful British countryside.

10. Stroll through the white washed buildings of Santorini.

11. Drink Mulled wine at a German Christmas Market.

12. Spend a Crisp autumn weekend in a log cabin, fire roaring and a hot chocolate in hand.

13. Get spendy in Milan.

14. Take a Gondola ride in Venice.

15. Bathe in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

16. Hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu.

17. Have a beer at Oktoberfest in Munich.

18. Go on a cruise.

19. Have afternoon tea in London.

20. Take in the beauty of the Duomo di Firenze, Florence.

So that's my current list for travel I want to achieve in my twenties, it's always growing and changing, so i'm excited to see what I manage to tick off!

I also love writing reflective posts as they just remind you of how far you've come, so I thought I would include some of the things I've already been fortunate enough to tick off on my Bucket List!

- Drink Guinness in Dublin.

-  Climb Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh

- Explore the Markets of Barcelona

- Admire the View from the Eiffel Tower in Paris

- Eat Pizza in Rome (and tiramisu, gelato & coffee..woops!)

- See the leaning tower of Pisa

- Visit the Baths in Hungary.

- See the Berlin Wall.

- Watch the Astronomical Clock in Prague.

- Dodge the Bicycles of Amsterdam.

- Discover ancient Egypt.

So there we have a handful of my most memorable travel moments. A lot of these photo's were taken before I got into blogging, hence the quality difference! But I felt like I really wanted to share them on here, as they are very important to me. I look forward to tackling this twenty in my twenties list and have a go at improving both my travel photography and writing.

What's your most memorable travel moment?
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