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5 November 2016

Healthy Dining at Skinny Kitchen, Canterbury

After a day of exploring the gorgeous city of Canterbury, we were left feeling peckish. We browsed the various restaurants along the way, when we stumbled across this quaint, monochrome kitchen, nestled on the bustling main street.

The modern, striking, exterior really attracted our attention and drew us in to find out more.

The atmosphere and décor inside Skinny Kitchen reciprocated it's healthy concept, with gorgeous clean white walls, contrasted with pale green sofas, and eye-catching copper lights overlooking the entire room. The vibe was very modern, pristine, but most importantly welcoming. There were potted plants scattered all through out the room, which further enhanced the natural ambiance.

We both decided to order a delicious, juicy smoothie to start with. I opted for the Acai Energy, as just lately I've been feeling more tired than usual and thought that I could do with a nice natural energy boost.

 This luscious, raspberry coloured, juice is packed with mouth-watering goodness, in the form of; mixed berries, orange, acai, banana and green tea powder. It went down a treat! Even more tempting, they offer a selection of healthy cocktails, and though I passed on them this time, it was only early afternoon after all! I definitely have them high on my list if we're ever back in Canterbury.

We browsed the menu extensively, as there was just so much to choose from! After an agonising decision, we made our choices. Stephen opted for the Chilli Bean, a fiery chipotle chilli bean, topped with creamy avocado and zingy jalapenos, served with a pot of sweet potato fries. I had a little food envy when it was first brought out, the presentation is immaculate with the mini pan and pot, food for the eyes and the mouth! That was of course until my main was brought out.

I had chose a 'skinny pizza,' all the delicious taste of a regular pizza, but a lot better for you! Who doesn't love a good pizza after all. The base was thin and crispy, topped with delicious, fresh onions, tomatoes, rocket, jalapenos, nuts and the perfect smattering of cheese.

All of the meals listed on the menu have the calories, carbs, protein and fat listed on them too, which is really useful, particularly if you're into fitness or weight training.

There is also a variety of desserts to choose from too, yes you heard me right, healthy desserts! Including pancakes and waffles! Unfortunately we didn't have room to fit them in, but they sounded incredible, with toppings such as; dark chocolate sauce, banana, honey, crushed hazelnuts and cacao nibs.

 Even if you're not weight training or calorie counting, the fresh, well presented, tasty food is something not to be missed at Skinny Kitchen. Their menu aims to cater for all types of diet whether that be vegetarian, high protein or low carb.  If you're ever in Canterbury I would highly recommend a visit, even if it's just for a quick juice stop! Want to find out more? You can have a look at their website here.

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