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30 November 2016

My Bridal Accessories | AD

[AD] Hello there, long time no see! If you follow me on social media then you'll know that I've gotten married! In fact I've just returned from my honeymoon in the Caribbean, all in time for Blogmas. To make life even more difficult for myself I've also decided to have a go at Vlogmas, in a weekly format though, not daily, as I still have to work full time!

Todays 1st Blogmas post isn't actually festive related at all i'm afraid! But it does have lots of sparkle, so that surely makes up for it right?

I wanted to share with you some of the accessories I had for my wedding day, that made me feel extra special, and glamorous. Maybe you're engaged and are looking for inspiration, or perhaps you have an eye for all things glittery? then this post is for you!

I bought this clutch bag about two weeks after we got engaged (which was 4 years ago ahh!). I loved the pearl detail, and sparkly silver clip top. I already had a vague idea of how I wanted our wedding to look, even at that early stage.

 Although, this bag may no longer be available, as it was from an independent stall in Derby, there are lots of similar ones on the highstreet. New look & Asos are good places to look.

If you've read my previous wedding-related posts, you will have seen these stunning diamond earrings. They made me feel so special and really pulled my look together, they are dainty yet show stoppers at the same time. I loved how they twinkled as they caught the light. You can find these exact earrings at Goldsmith's.

I picked up this bracelet from Debenhams, it matched my hair vine (also from Debenhams) perfectly. The style is unusual, it reminded me of winter flowers and snow, so it fit our theme wonderfully. It's a delicate piece that looks elegant on the wrist, nothing too flashy but enough to catch your eye.

I ordered this garter, along with my wedding lingerie (not photographed, as no one needs to see that!) from Asos. It was just what I was looking for, a simple lace design, with a blue bow. It fit lovely and was really comfortable all day. I was worried about wearing a garter at first, as I didn't want it digging into me all day, but this was really soft and I even forgot I had it on!

My perfume was a treat from my Husband (going to keep saying that as often as I can!) I wanted something new that I could wear on special occasions, that would always remind me of our day. After sniffing around numerous department stores (literally!) I came across this gorgeous scent by Givenchy.  It's fresh, floral and very me. It wasn't too overpowering, but smelt divine.

Finally the best until last, my beautiful shoes. These were my biggest bargain ever! They are Benjamin Adams and should have retailed for around £250, but I found them in the TK Maxx sale in January, for just £59! I scooped them up in the blink of an eye, and i'm so glad I did. They only have a small heel so were really comfortable to walk in, I managed to walk down the aisle, and not fall flat on my face, so that's a bonus in my eyes! Plus look at that sparkle!

So there are my bridal accessories. I treasure every piece, and they will always be my most special items, to wear for those precious occasions in the future.

 I hope that you have enjoyed day 1 of my Blogmas, and wish me luck that I manage to stick to it! Day two will be more along the festive lines I promise!


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