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12 April 2017

Our Scenic Break in Windermere | Day Two

Day Two

We woke up bright and early, with a full day ahead planned out. We headed down for breakfast, before making our first pit stop at Homeground, for a delicious coffee. I love a good coffee and Homeground did not disappoint.

Fuelled by our coffee we headed off to our first destination, The Beatrix Potter Attraction, which is an interactive attraction that tells the story of both Beatrix Potter and her wonderful stories. Most of the tales are influenced by the beauty of the lake district. I can definitely see why she was so inspired by the gorgeous surroundings, they are enough to set anyone's heart on fire.

Once our imaginations had been taken on a whirlwind of beautiful stories, we made our way out of the exhibition, not before a quick gift shop stop obviously, and moved on to our next trip of the day.

We were taking a boat trip along the lake over to Ambleside. Ambleside is a gorgeous town in Cumbria, not far from Windermere and has lots of cute shops and cafes.

 We had decided to take a walk up to the Waterfalls and stretch our legs. It was a beautiful, if not slightly tiring walk! Definitely worth it though.

There were clusters of sunny yellow daffodils everywhere, making the whole walk feel magical and a bit like a forest wonderland. There weren't many other people walking this route, so it was lovely to just chat and listen to the bubbling of the water. We worked our way to the top and stopped for a quick break to enjoy the view, before making our way back.

We were quite tired and our tummies were rumbling by the end of our walk, so we headed to Daisy's Café, which I had spied on our way up to the waterfalls. I was smitten with the interior décor, and the food was delicious too!

Although I was tempted to have another coffee, you know me, I opted for a super sweet and refreshing strawberry milkshake. The fact it came in a milk bottle made it all the more delicious! To go with it I opted for a gooey cheese and onion toasty, it filled the spot just nicely. We passed on dessert as we had spied a chocolate café that we really wanted to go to back in Bowness, so that was on our agenda for the way back to our guest house.

After marvelling at some gorgeous homes, which there are plenty, we made our way back to the boat.

We arrived back at Bowness and made our way to Chocco Bar, for some, you guessed it, chocolatey goodness!

We headed back to our room to get ready for dinner, we were planning on going to a cute little pub called Brookside, however, when we got there it was packed full. Instead, we went back to the Lighthouse again, because we enjoyed it so much the previous night. This time it was for pizza and more cocktails.

We ended up buying some milk and having a coffee back at our room, for a night of relaxation before out last day in the Lake District. Rock and Roll I know!

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I hope you've enjoyed reading all about
Day Two of our Lake District trip!

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