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23 June 2017

Tortilla Blogger Event | Intu Victoria Centre, Nottingham

I was recently invited along to Nottingham Intu Victoria Centre for a Blogger event at Tortilla in celebration of their Gingerella Burritos! Tortilla is a Cali-Mex restaurant made in Burrito heaven.

 I have never actually eaten at Tortilla before so I was really excited when I saw the email in my inbox inviting me along for try out their food.

  When I arrived at Tortilla I was warmly greeted and shown to a long table, adorned with ice buckets of Gingerella (the star of the show) Nachos with various dips and balloons. I was with some lovely fellow East Midland blogger ladies so the atmosphere was relaxed and chatty and we got stuck into the Gingerella and nachos whilst we waited for every one to arrive.

Once we were all seated, and had munched some of the tasty chips, we had a talk all about Tortilla.
Tortilla began in 2007 with their first store opening in Islington, London. They wanted to create the best Californian Burritos over here in the UK and they now have 33 restaurants, two of which are in Nottingham. A lot of their Californian roots can be seen within the stores today, starting with the d├ęcor. There are rustic wooden tables, panelled walls and signature red tiles. Fun fact about those red tiles, is that they are actually symbolic of the San Francisco bridge, which goes to show the level of thought that has been put into every aspect of Tortilla. We were given some information about Tortilla, from what ingredients they use, to some fun facts and their latest mouth watering treat, Gingerella Carnitas. Yup Ginger ale infused burritos for the month of June! The pork is marinated in the Gingerella and then slow cooked until it is melt in the mouth tender. What's really amazing is that 10p from every Gingerella Carnitas purchase is donated to charity, which I think is such a lovely thought. By the reaction of the other bloggers I can see the combination is a big hit!

Being a vegetarian I was made my own Tacos and Burritos to try. The ingredients are so fresh and full of earthy, spicy flavour, it was scrumptious - though I am yet to master eating a burrito gracefully! We had some Gingerella to go with it, which was absolutely delicious and refreshing, it helped wash down all that food nicely.

A meal wouldn't be a meal without a cheeky cocktail, and the Frozen Margarita's we were given were an absolute delight! If it wasn't a Tuesday I could have easily had another. Speaking of drinks, they even had a huge chandelier made from Corona bottles, we were told they were beers for chandeliers! It not only looked incredible, it also mars nicely with Tortilla's sustainability values.

We were kindly given a gift bag to take home with us which had a can of Gingerella, some hot sauce and a gift voucher for a free burrito, which I will look forward to using on my next visit! Have you been to Tortilla? If so will you be trying out their new Gingerella?


6 June 2017

Weekly Wanderings #3 | Beer Festivals, Warwick trip & Garden Projects

This weeks Weekly Wandering post starts randomly on Thursday. There's method to my madness, I forced my husband out on a walk after finishing work as I wanted to get out in that lovely sunshine, little did we know we would stumble on a beer festival! So I thought I had to include that in my weekly wandering post.

We enjoyed drinking various ciders and ales in the sunshine surrounded by some gorgeous scenery. One of my favourites was the Rhubarb cider, which is so tasty and refreshing after a long walk!
We'd enjoyed ourselves that much that we decided to go back again Friday, this time for a cheeky pizza too!

It was amazing to be able to sit outside with no jacket! We plonked ourselves on the grass and chatted away for a while, munching our pizzas and stopping for more cider. Once the sun had gone we headed inside the barn to listen to the band play until it was time to go home. One of my favourite things about summer is the long warm nights spent outside in good company.

I spent the weekend working, but me and my husband both had bank holiday Monday off and decided to treat ourselves with a trip to Warwick for the day. The weather, as all bank holidays, was wet. Never the less we made the most of it!

Warwick is such a beautiful place, every corner we turned there were gorgeous houses, pretty flowers and plenty of history. I marvelled at the floral clad houses, with bright coloured doors. We spent some time marvelling at it's sheer beauty before heading into a tea room (surprise, surprise) called Thomas Oken's.

We managed to snag a window seat so we could watch the world go by below. Mr H decided to go for salmon and scrambled egg on toast, whereas I decided to go for a classic scone. We both opted for a delicious cold lemonade, as despite the rain it was actually quite warm!

Once we'd finished our food we decided to head over to Warwick Castle to explore. Mr H loves history so he was particularly looking forward to this, especially after I'd forced him to wander the streets looking at pretty houses!

I didn't snap too many pictures, 1. due to the rain and 2. not wanting to spoil anything for future visitors. There is a lot to see and do inside Warwick Castle. We went into the dungeons, watched a birds of prey display, marvelled at some jousting, and took a trip back in time to see how Warwick castle became what it is today. All of it was fascinating, and there were so many families around that we said we would love to come back again when we have children. It's the perfect place to visit for people of all ages.

Tuesday came around and I had brunch with my lovely friends, its nice when we can get together and catch up as it can be very difficult to organise! I had some 'Posh Porridge' which was absolutely divine, but extremely filling.

The rest of the week was spent working as usual, which brings us to the weekend, everyone's favourite part of the week. Unfortunately this weekend summer seems to be having a break, and we have had some very wet weather. Being us, we decided it would be a good time to make a start on part one of our garden makeover. Madness I know!

After numerous trips to B&Q, B&M and The Range, we are starting to see some progress! I'm toying with the idea of doing a complete blog post on our garden, from what our future plans are, what we are doing in part one of our project, my beginners gardening efforts etc. so if that's something you might like then please let me know!

We spent most of Saturday painting the fence and I had bought some wooden planters that I've painted a gorgeous pale green to match our gate that I've also painted! My husband probably shudders every time I buy something and say I'm going to paint it!

 Sunday saw us buying our plants and some other decorative accessories to try and make the space more homely and inviting.

We bought an arch that I am dreaming of growing pretty entwined flowers up, but my days, it was the hardest thing to build! We wiled away the hours before ending the weekend with pizza and a catch up with my family.

What have you been up to this week?
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