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4 July 2017

Weekly Wanderings #4 | Project Garden & Derbyshire Walks

This week has been another busy one, Monday was spent sorting out the house and getting all our uniforms ready for work, a bit boring, but busy all the same!

Tuesday was more exciting as I had a lunch date with one of my friends in the day, then a Blogger event at Tortilla in the evening, to sample some of their gorgeous Burritos & Taco's. A day full of food, who doesn't love that?!

It was such a good night learning about Tortilla and its tasty food, I left with a full tummy and ready to write my post all about it.

The rest of the working week was spent....well working!

So on to Saturday, which was such a glorious hot day that meant we even managed to have breakfast outside! I've been loving spending time in our garden this year, especially now that we have started Project Garden, turning it into a tranquil, pretty place to spend time. I've been having a go at growing flowers and so far, so good! I'm looking forward to planting bulbs later in the year ready for next spring, and have even been thinking of having a small fruit and veg patch, though I'm yet to decide on this but the idea of fresh strawberries in the summer is very alluring.

I'm so happy that my current flowers are now sprouting new heads! If you'd have told me this a few years ago I would have laughed and denied any interest in it, but I've been glued to the RHS website trying to find ways of keeping my plants going, and also looking ahead to new garden plans for next spring. For project garden phase 2 later this year and into spring next year I plan to have a rose bed at the bottom of our garden, and also create borders either side, full of varying height plants. I'm hoping to grow some foxgloves, sweet peas, alliums and daffodils in them next year. I will continue growing my pretty potted dahlias, and our climbing plants. Though one seems to be doing better than the other at the moment! So if any of you are interested in gardening keep your eyes out for my Project Garden updates, I am definitely a beginner to all of this so any advice would be appreciated!

Sunday was an exploring day, it was another very hot, sunny, glorious morning and we wanted to make the most of it. We packed up our picnic basket and headed off to Dovedale in the Peak District. It's somewhere I've visited a lot and it's perfect for lots of walking. We dropped off our car in a nearby field that was offering parking, and set off on foot towards the river. We grabbed a raspberry ripple ice cream on the way to keep us fuelled, and set off on our walk to Milldale. Its a little over 3 miles there, so just shy of 7miles round trip.

The scenery is gorgeous, and we love spotting birds, especially after watching Springwatch! We managed to catch a glimpse of a Dipper and Grey Wagtail which was lovely.

It was such a nice walk, albeit very hot! We were so tired when we got back to our car that we decided to eat our picnic in the boot! We just couldn't bare walking all the way back down to the river again. We packed lots of yummy food such as strawberries, grapes, sandwiches, edamame beans and arancini pesto balls. It went down a treat after all that walking.

So ends another week, Hope you've all had a good one!
Hope you all have a good week!


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