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27 September 2017

Our Week In Brixham | Day 3 & 4

So I've finally gotten around to sharing days 3 & 4 of our trip to Brixham! Long time I know, so if you've forgotten what we did on days 1 & 2 you can recap here.

Now that I've apologised for my lack of time keeping this month (seriously where are the months going?!) let's get on to day 3.

We woke up early on Monday morning, and headed off to catch the ferry over to Torquay. The weather wasn't great to start with, and our boat ride was a rather chilly one to say the least!

Once we had stepped off the ferry, it decided to chuck it down, well timed as always. So our first stop involved a nice latte huddled inside a warm pub. When we finally plucked up the courage we braved the outside and had a wander around the shops. Torquay is a lot more 'town like' than Brixham, it has your usual high street shops and coffee outlets, but it also has a lovely pier too. We did spend some time mooching around in the shops, and I picked up a copy of the latest Blogosphere magazine to read on the balcony later.

After having our fill of the shops we made our way to the sea front, stopping to admire the gardens and the big wheel that you can see from Brixham.

Stomachs grumbling we stopped for lunch at Pier Point Restaurant, for not only its fabulous food, but also incredible view.

Naturally I opted for pizza, which was delicious!

Once full, we carried on walking along the pier. The weather had perked up a bit, and i'd spotted some cute beach huts in the distance, so that's where we headed.

We stayed here for a while soaking up the warmth of the sun, and admiring the views. But before long it was time for us to head back over to Brixham on the ferry.

We'd planned a nice night in the apartment, after all that walking our legs were feeling a bit weary!

We stopped at a newly opened cocktail bar, Coco's Cocktails, on the way back, which did a delicious array of drinks, and had a copper bar! What more could a girl ask for! Then we grabbed ourselves some fish and chips to take back to the apartment.

I will never tire of that view, the pastel houses on the horizon, and of course this dinner! So day 3 drew to an end in the best way, and I headed to bed for an early night ready for day 4.

Day 4 started quite slowly, with a relaxed morning stroll around the shops, and then stopping at Curious Kitchen for one of these mega Freak Shakes. Their breakfasts looked amazing too so i'd definitely recommend a visit if you're in the area. My freak shake was a caramel, peanut, cookie filled delight.

Fish and chips, followed by freakshakes you shout?! yes, my excuse is I was fuelling myself up for our walk up to Berry Head! Which is what we did next.

The walk wasn't too difficult, but it was up hill! The views are definitely worth it though, as are all of the gorgeous plants along the way.

I loved looking at the little caves along the rocks, and just taking in the gorgeous fresh air.

There is a lovely café at the top of Berry Head, The Guardhouse, which is ideal after all that walking. No trip to Devon would be complete without a cream tea, so that's exactly what we had. It was delicious.

We finished up our break, and made our way back down, not before taking in one last look at the view though.

That night we had a light lunch at the apartment before heading into Brixham for a couple of drinks. I only took one photo! I think its because I had discovered the world of Instagram stories and boomerangs, or at least that's the excuse i'm going for!

I hope you enjoyed reading the second instalment of our Brixham trip, I hope not to leave too long between this one and the last instalment, I promise!

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