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13 November 2017

A Weekly Countdown to an Organised Christmas #1

Now that we are well into November, our minds begin to turn to thoughts of cosy nights in, cocktails with the girls and of course Christmas! I'm usually one to leave things until the last minute and then ends up having so much to do in a short space of time (tell me I'm not the only one!), therefore I wanted to put together a week by week countdown, for not only myself to follow but also to help make your Christmas a little more organised!

Some of you may have already started your Christmas prep long ago, some of you may not know where to start, so I'm hoping this little weekly guide will give you (and me) a helping hand!

So let's dive right in,

6 weeks to go!

1. Declutter. You already know that Christmas time brings a lot of gift giving, food shopping and filling your wardrobes with festive knits and sparkly dresses, which makes it the perfect time to have a good de-clutter. Pack away all of the clothes you wont be wearing again for a few months (goodbye summer), start clearing the cupboards, and emptying your drawers. I like to clear out a cupboard for Christmas food only, and then week by week in December start to fill it, and try not to eat it as I do so!

2. Assess your budget. I'm guessing most of you will have already started saving, go you!, maybe you've even bought a few gifts already. Now is the best time to assess your budget, work out what you want to spend on food for the day, whether you need any food for a house party/film night in, or are you having Christmas dinner out? Set out a list and allocate a set budget to each day/event. This way when you go to do your shop in December you know exactly what budget to keep to, and don't just keep adding to your basket! It will also leave you more money for more quality street, yum!

3. Check postal dates. Maybe even go ahead and print them out and pin it up somewhere so you don't forget to send out any cards or gifts. The Post office have released there dates already, which you can find here.

4. Start filling in your calendar with events. Christmas brings a lot of dinners out and parties to attend, so it's best to fill in your diary when they start coming in. Not only to avoid double booking, but also for budgeting and planning your perfect outfit (priorities). Tis the season to be sociable!

5. Purchase your advent calendars. I made the mistake one year and left it really late to buy a calendar and nearly everywhere had sold out, luckily I did manage to grab myself a chocolate one. This is particularly important if you want to get hold of one of the highly coveted beauty calendars that sell out super fast.

6. Start compiling a list of gifts that people would like, referring back to your budget for help in planning. If possible it might be easier to start buying bits now for a slightly less stressful shop! I say slightly because don't you find gift buying stressful in general? ahhh!  Every week nearer to Christmas the shops tend to get busier and busier, so starting earlier will help avoid some of those busiest days.

7. Rummage through your Christmas decorations, are there any bulbs that need replacing on your fairy lights? Do you need a few more bits for the house? Are you having a different colour scheme this year? Ask yourself all these questions before you go shopping to avoid buying things you don't need, or forgetting things that you do! (serial offender in this category). Personally I'm loving John Lewis at the moment, particularly their Highland Myths and Into the Woods Christmas collections. This set of hedgehog nesting bowls are top of my wish list, they are just adorable!

8. Make a December bucket list. Is there anything you really want to do this December? Perhaps visit a Christmas market, go ice skating, or maybe even just have a cosy festive film night with lots of hot chocolate (my dream night in). Make a list and then refer back to your calendar to see where you can fit these activities in.
So there you go your 6 week countdown begins! Let me know if you manage to check any of these off your to do list, or if you think I have missed anything that needs to be done this week!

I hope you enjoy this mini festive series on my blog, and let the countdown begin.


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