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20 October 2018

Our Pregnancy Diary | Weeks 22-27

Week 22

Baby is the size of a Papaya

Week 22 of pregnancy has been a pretty intense one. We have been travelling all around Scotland, our last holiday before Baby is due! I hadn't really anticipated just how much pregnancy would affect me during travel, I expected that I would be tired, as that has been my main symptom through out this pregnancy so far. However, I found all the walking and long days quite difficult, and towards the end of the week I started to struggle. That's not to say though that the trip wasn't incredible, I would do it all again in a heartbeat, just that I didn't anticipate that I would find it that difficult! I am now in rest mode and relaxing again.

Baby has been moving so much this past week and it's incredible to feel, my app is telling me that he can now perceive light, hear my heart beat and my stomach gurgle. My bump is definitely coming along too, and has really popped out these past couple of weeks (not sure if its partly due to all the delicious food  we've been trying though!)

Now that we are back from our last holiday, I am in full on baby prep mode. I'm writing out a list of things left to buy, things I want to do and also all the jobs we need to finish in the house too. I have a book full of lists and I'm trying hard not to get overwhelmed!

Week 23

Baby is the size of a Mango

Week 23 was all about getting organised. I have been sitting cross legged on the floor in the mornings to get ready, at a coffee table we accidently bought instead of a TV stand... Long story! It wasn't practical at the best of times, but even less so now that I am over half way through this pregnancy. It was time to build my desk that has been gathering dust in our hallway. We popped out to Ikea to get a chair to match, so I can now get ready in comfort, and not have pins and needles every time I get back up!

We also made our first big purchase, the pram! It was such a difficult decision, there's just so many on the market, all with varying features I liked and didn't like. In the end we had narrowed it down to two choices and after spying that Mothercare had a sale on, we popped to our nearest store to have a look. We tried out both, and umm'd and ahh'd  over them for a while before settling on the one we both thought would suit us the most. 

We ended up choosing the Silver Cross Wayfarer Chelsea It pushed like a dream, folded down with ease and the handle extended high enough for my 6'4 husband! We also purchased the matching car seat and isofix base, which meant that two huge purchases were ticked off our list in one fell swoop. 

Week 24

Baby is the size of an Ear of Corn

This week was my first week back at work after 16 glorious days off. I can't describe the tiredness of getting up at 5:30am again, and two nights I fell asleep at 8:30pm! I'm not sure if that's pregnancy or just because I've been so busy, either way, I was ready for a lie in by the time Saturday rolled round.

We built our moses basket this week, which took us longer than we thought! Who would have thought that putting the base together would be more complicated than any Ikea flat pack we have done! It looks so sweet sat by our bed, and it's surreal to think that in a few short months we'll have a little baby in there!

Week 25

Baby is the size of a Cauliflower

Wow, a cauliflower! No wonder I can feel him wiggling and jiggling about in my belly. This week we had our 25 week check up with the Midwife, everything is looking good still. I had my bump measured for the first time and I am measuring spot on for how many weeks I am, which is good to know as a few people have said that I'm not showing much (personally I feel huge!) Little one was being a trouble maker when we were trying to listen to his heartbeat, he kept kicking away whenever the device was put on my tummy. We did eventually manage to get a quick listen when he had taken a break from moving!

It was pay day this week, and I've started to focus on getting a few more practical items, such as things for the hospital bag and things that I will need for me after birth too. I of course bought another outfit from next as well, they have some adorable baby things in at the moment and I was too perilous to resist! I did get size 3-6 months as a means of justification, as most of his clothes so far are up to 1 month and up to 3 months.

I'm also trying to throw myself into getting a little more organised, as before I know it I will be starting my maternity leave, I am on the 8 week countdown! Which also means I have 3 more pay days until I move onto my maternity pay, and Christmas is included in those pay days! So I am trying to get organised for that too. I plan to share a few blog posts on what I've been doing to organise myself for baby's arrival, and also will be sharing what I'm packing in both our hospital bags. I've been watching endless videos, and reading blog posts, so have collated lots of ideas on what I personally want to pack. I just need to get buying it all!

I'm currently lay on the sofa, with a blanket and cup of tea whilst I write up this weeks pregnancy diary. We've had an early morning as we both had eye tests, which we followed up with a spot of breakfast. We then spent the rest of the morning, up until 1pm weeding, mowing and tidying up our garden, who was looking a little one the wild side! Now I'm lapping up a few hours of relaxation before we head out for my Husband and my Brother's joint belated Birthday meal. Happy weekend!

Week 26

Baby is the size of a Lettuce

This week baby weighs around 2lb! He certainly is growing, and all of his movements are much stronger! In fact other people have now been able to see my tummy move under my clothes, I love when he wiggles about to get comfy. I have noticed though, that on occasion he likes to lie very low, making it feel like I constantly need to wee and it's also a bit more difficult to walk!

I was shocked to notice that this week I have started to produce the first bit of colostrum. I'm not going to lie, this completely took me by surprise as I thought it was something that only begins nearer to the end of the pregnancy. However, after some googling and checking with a friend, it is totally normal. I had just never heard anyone mention it before.

I'm still very much loving Hot Peri Peri sauce with most of my meals, and the occasional sour sweet- though I've tried to cut down on these!

Week 27

Week 27 has flown by in the blink of an eye. I don't have too much to report from this week really, everything is ticking a long as it has been. We finally cleared out the nursery ready to get decorating, which I cannot wait to do! I have a few ideas of how I want it to look, but first we need to gloss the skirting boards, and get the bigger pieces of furniture in place. Then let the faffing commence!

I have my next midwife appointment next week, so I am looking forward to that, and hoping for another a quick week. 

On to the third trimester!

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