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10 December 2018

What's in my Baby's Hopital Bag

With my due date fast approaching, and gently being reminded by my midwife that baby could come any time after 37 weeks (that's just under a week!) I decided it was time to get a wriggle on and pack Baby's bag.

I am planning to have my baby at our Midwifery led unit, and have only packed our bag for a couple of night's stay. This is my first baby, so I am a little unsure of whether or not this is too much to take, or too little, but I have been watching plenty of videos and reading check lists to get an idea of what should be in the bag. If there is too much then my Husband can simply take some of  it back to the car, like wise, I will be leaving a pile of 'essentials' at home, so he can grab them if we need to stay in longer.

First up is the bag itself, I picked up two of these Grey Holdalls, one for me and one for baby. They come with a handle and wheels which will make it easier for us to transport them once baby has arrived. I have seen most women take Baby's changing bag as their hospital bag, however, I've asked for mine as a Christmas gift from my parents, and therefore didn't want to leave it that late for it to be packed, as I'm due just 12 days after Christmas!

The Car seat is the number one essential. We have been buying lots of big items recently so didn't see the point in fitting it until those had been purchased, but it is on this weekends 'must do' list. The hospital won't let you leave without this, so it is definitely a must have in the car!

We have the Silver Cross seat, that matches our Silver Cross Wayfarer Chelsea pram and pushchair. We also have the matching isofix base, so it makes a full travel system.

The Notes, these are just as, if not more important, than the car seat. I still have a couple of midwife appointments yet so these aren't in my bag at the moment, but they are easy to grab should I need to.

Nappies & Nappy sacks. I am preparing myself for those first meconium poo's that everyone talks about! I've packed Aldi's Mamia Size 1 nappies, as I've heard so many good things about them, and they come nice and compact making them easy to pack. I've also packed Nappy Sacks, I'm not sure if these are an essential, but I thought it's best to take them just in case.

Wipes & Cotton Wool. I've packed a combination of wipes and cotton wool as I've heard some hospitals prefer if you use cotton wool over wipes, but I've also read that wipes are much easier to use when cleaning those first nappies. I got this pack of Pure Wipes in my Labour pack, so have decided to pop these in his bag.

Bottles & Formula. Although I am planning on breast feeding, I have packed these as 'just in case' items. Better to have a happy fed baby, and I don't think formula is provided anymore (I could be wrong).

Possibly my favourite part of packing Baby Hart's bag, his clothing! As we have no idea how big he is going to be I have packed both New Born, First size and Up to 1 month clothes. I've sorted them into little outfits with their vests etc. and labelled them in sandwich bags so that it is easier for us to grab them out of the bag.

A hat is extremely important and I will be putting this at the top of the bags so it is easy to grab. I'm having my baby in January (provided he doesn't decide to show up a little earlier) and it is definitely going to be cold! So I've packed mittens, socks and long sleeve vests for our first car journey home. I'll also be taking a snow suit as a just in case item too.

I've packed a couple of bibs and muslin cloths, I'm not sure if these will be used but it's nice to have them on hand. 

Baby Towel. These may be provided at our hospital, but I have packed one of these hooded baby towels in the off chance it is needed. 

Cellular Blanket. I have a gorgeous Beige and grey striped cellular blanket from Asda which will be used to swaddle him, and also cover him up in his car seat for our travel home.

Teddy Bear. Not at all an essential, but I thought it would be nice to take along his first teddy bear.

So there is my Little One's bag, is there anything you think I have missed?

3 December 2018

The Third Trimester | Weeks 28-34

Week 28

Baby is the size of an Aubergine.

We have made it to the third trimester! This week I had my 28 week midwife check up. I had my bloods taken this week which is always my least favourite part of the appointment. We  also listened to baby's heartbeat, which I think is his least favourite part, as he always gives a good kick when the monitor is put on my tummy! The midwife had a little feel of my tummy to see whereabouts baby was, but he is still free at the minute. I will be certain to try and change that ahead of my next appointment!

In terms of home preparation we have a fully built wardrobe! I have started to put some of his little outfits in (though they still need to be washed!) I can't help but keep popping in for a peek at it.

My app is telling me that Baby is now dreaming, which really intrigued me as what could they possibly dream about?! 

Week 29

Baby is the size of a Butternut Squash.

Week 29 started with my glucose test, it was something I had been dreading, but actually it wasn't that bad. The worst part was having to wait 2 hours on my own! I had my blood taken, drank my drink and waited the 2 hours until my next set of bloods. The most torturous part is the waiting area is right by the Café, which when you've been fasting for 12 hours is not good!

This week symptom wise, I've been waking up in the middle of the night with terrible cramp, if anyone has any ideas on how to ease/avoid this please send them my way. 

Another symptom I have been plagued with is forgetfulness! I've heard the phrase 'baby brain' said in jest before, but that stuff is actually very real and very frustrating! I seriously think some days that my brain has left my body and gone on vacation. Please tell me it comes back? I'm not sure how I will get on without it aha.

Week 31

Baby is the size of a Pineapple!

I can say I am at that stage in pregnancy where if I drop something on the floor, I contemplate whether I can get away with leaving it! 

My app is telling me that this week Baby's brain is working very hard to develop it's 5 senses. I'm glad someone's brain is working hard, as mine is still sunning it up on an island somewhere..

I had another midwife appointment this week, they seem to be coming thick and fast now, all is still ticking along nicely and Baby is now head down! Which is both extremely exciting, but also very nerve wrecking as it makes it all the more real that very soon I will have to give birth to this little human that I've been stowing away in my tummy.

The nursery is taking shape and we now have a huge set of drawers built and neatly organised with all of Baby's essentials. I'm starting to feel a little less flustered now that everything is coming together, and I'm feeling a tad more organised..just a tad though! I still have a list as long as my arm to get through.

Week 32

Baby is the size of a Squash.

Acid Reflux is all I have to say this week..actually add clumsiness to the mix too. I've managed to smash a plate and a bowl this week. Roll on two weeks time when I break up from work, I'm hoping that some much needed R&R will restore me!

I've got well and truly stuck in to Christmas prep this week, as I don't like busy high streets at the best of times, never mind when heavily pregnant. I think I am about half way through the present buying and hope that I can get it all done before I finish for my Mat leave.

My app is telling me that all of his major organs are fully developed now, except for his lungs. He now has regular sleep wake cycles, and is practicing kicking, sucking and breathing. Every week I am astounded at how much he is developing and that in 8 short weeks (fingers crossed) we will get to meet him.

Week 33

Baby is the size of a Honeydew Melon.

This week we managed to find a chair for the nursery at last! It was from Aldi of all places, and an absolute bargain. The room is really starting to take shape and is fast becoming my favourite room in the whole house. I like to just sit in there and admire all of our hard work, I say our, my husband's built most of it! I just passed the tools..

This week the tiredness has crept back in, I don't know if it's a combination of trying to get everything finished at work ready for when I break up, and the fact that I don't sleep well thanks to my bladder's alarm call in the early hours of every morning! Either way, don't expect to see me after 8:30pm as I'm usually asleep on the sofa!

Week 34

Baby is the size of a Cantaloupe.

My app tells me that baby is now around 5lbs and growing nicely, they have finger nails and sleep with their eyes closed.

This week marked the end of work, and I have officially broken up for maternity leave! It feels so  strange to not be going back now until next November, but I am excited to get started on all the jobs I've been putting off (to be fair in the week I'm asleep by 8:30!) We were absolutely spoilt rotten by my work colleagues and I can't thank them enough for all of our beautiful gifts. I've just spent some time faffing in the nursery putting them all away.

Another exciting thing that happened this week is that our cot has been delivered! It's the last large piece of furniture for the nursery and I'm itching to get it set up so that I can put the finishing touches into the room.

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