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10 December 2018

What's in my Baby's Hopital Bag

With my due date fast approaching, and gently being reminded by my midwife that baby could come any time after 37 weeks (that's just under a week!) I decided it was time to get a wriggle on and pack Baby's bag.

I am planning to have my baby at our Midwifery led unit, and have only packed our bag for a couple of night's stay. This is my first baby, so I am a little unsure of whether or not this is too much to take, or too little, but I have been watching plenty of videos and reading check lists to get an idea of what should be in the bag. If there is too much then my Husband can simply take some of  it back to the car, like wise, I will be leaving a pile of 'essentials' at home, so he can grab them if we need to stay in longer.

First up is the bag itself, I picked up two of these Grey Holdalls, one for me and one for baby. They come with a handle and wheels which will make it easier for us to transport them once baby has arrived. I have seen most women take Baby's changing bag as their hospital bag, however, I've asked for mine as a Christmas gift from my parents, and therefore didn't want to leave it that late for it to be packed, as I'm due just 12 days after Christmas!

The Car seat is the number one essential. We have been buying lots of big items recently so didn't see the point in fitting it until those had been purchased, but it is on this weekends 'must do' list. The hospital won't let you leave without this, so it is definitely a must have in the car!

We have the Silver Cross seat, that matches our Silver Cross Wayfarer Chelsea pram and pushchair. We also have the matching isofix base, so it makes a full travel system.

The Notes, these are just as, if not more important, than the car seat. I still have a couple of midwife appointments yet so these aren't in my bag at the moment, but they are easy to grab should I need to.

Nappies & Nappy sacks. I am preparing myself for those first meconium poo's that everyone talks about! I've packed Aldi's Mamia Size 1 nappies, as I've heard so many good things about them, and they come nice and compact making them easy to pack. I've also packed Nappy Sacks, I'm not sure if these are an essential, but I thought it's best to take them just in case.

Wipes & Cotton Wool. I've packed a combination of wipes and cotton wool as I've heard some hospitals prefer if you use cotton wool over wipes, but I've also read that wipes are much easier to use when cleaning those first nappies. I got this pack of Pure Wipes in my Labour pack, so have decided to pop these in his bag.

Bottles & Formula. Although I am planning on breast feeding, I have packed these as 'just in case' items. Better to have a happy fed baby, and I don't think formula is provided anymore (I could be wrong).

Possibly my favourite part of packing Baby Hart's bag, his clothing! As we have no idea how big he is going to be I have packed both New Born, First size and Up to 1 month clothes. I've sorted them into little outfits with their vests etc. and labelled them in sandwich bags so that it is easier for us to grab them out of the bag.

A hat is extremely important and I will be putting this at the top of the bags so it is easy to grab. I'm having my baby in January (provided he doesn't decide to show up a little earlier) and it is definitely going to be cold! So I've packed mittens, socks and long sleeve vests for our first car journey home. I'll also be taking a snow suit as a just in case item too.

I've packed a couple of bibs and muslin cloths, I'm not sure if these will be used but it's nice to have them on hand. 

Baby Towel. These may be provided at our hospital, but I have packed one of these hooded baby towels in the off chance it is needed. 

Cellular Blanket. I have a gorgeous Beige and grey striped cellular blanket from Asda which will be used to swaddle him, and also cover him up in his car seat for our travel home.

Teddy Bear. Not at all an essential, but I thought it would be nice to take along his first teddy bear.

So there is my Little One's bag, is there anything you think I have missed?

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