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21 January 2019

Harry's 1 Month Update

Harry is now 5 weeks old! I'm not sure where the time has gone already, but he has changed a lot over these 5 weeks and I really want to document this here on our blog.


For the first few weeks Harry was an excellent sleeper, waking every 3 hours for feeds and then settling again between. More recently he has found settling between feeds more difficult due to having a lot of wind. We are currently trying to help find a solution for this but so far only cuddles with us seems to help him drift off. He still wakes for feeds every 3/4 hours but takes longer to settle so sleep for us at the moment is very bit and bobby! Coffee is my new best friend (though often drank cold!) All I read when searching for a miracle answer is 'they will get better with time' so for now we will just keep plodding on!


If you have read my birth story, you will know that Harry was 3 weeks early and also very tiny at 4lb 13oz. He had some trouble with his blood sugars and jaundice meaning a hospital stay for us, but luckily thanks to a feeding regime he recovered quickly from these and we were allowed home. We tried to maintain this regime for a while but he himself sticks to a rough 3/4 hour feed schedule. At his last weigh in he was an impressive 6lb 7oz so seems to be gaining weight well. I'm excited to see what he is at his next weigh in, as he no longer fits in Tiny Baby clothes and is fitting nicely in his first size outfits. 


The first month was made up of lots and lots of appointments, luckily the first 2 and half weeks we had each other for support, and after that my mum has taken us to them as well. Harry had all his blood spot tests, multiple weigh ins and a good check all over. Everything has come back fine.

He was also officially registered this month!

We have his first jabs in February, and after those we really want to start taking him swimming and maybe the odd baby group.


We don't really have a set routine yet, like I mentioned previously he feeds every 3/4 hours and we bath him every other day at the moment. When he reaches 3 months I will definitely try to start implementing a morning and evening routine for him, but at such a young age I think I'm best to just go with the flow and respond to his routine. I know there is a lot of conflicting opinions on routines, but you have to go with your own instinct.


-Baby Einstein aquarium, he's fascinated by the lights.
-His milk- obviously!
-Lots of cuddles
-Mummy and Daddy's crazy singing (debatable!)


-Nappy changes
-Being in his mosses basket
-Mummy and Daddy trying to sleep!

Happy One Month Baby Boy.


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